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How to Leverage Social Media Influencers
to Grow Your Business

Nowadays, fewer people trust ads, but most of them follow and trust influencers. Bloggers in 2021 help companies to sell their products and find a loyal audience – a new brand can start making sales from scratch if a suitable influencer is found. 

Nevertheless, it's not that easy to start partnering with a blogger – many of them don't reply and some of them take too long to respond. You also need to check for real engagement and the activity. 

The right approach to influencer marketing research and outreach will help you to make this process more effective and valuable. Let's dive right in! Below you will find out how to quickly find suitable bloggers before contacting them. Plus, top tips for how to effectively establish partnerships when you make get in touch

How to Find and Contact Influencers

When it comes to researching partners for IG promotion, many use influencer marketing platforms. These services are convenient because you can check a blogger's portfolio and reviews. 

For example, you can apply the Search tool by Ingramer that is linked with analytics. If you use the paid version, you can also view the contact data which simplifies the outreach process. For example, you can see emails and phone numbers, and copy them right from the tool. I would recommend you contact bloggers with Direct Messages as well as email for a better response rate. 

Another thing to consider is if you manage several influencer marketing campaigns, it's convenient to create lists to organize them. For example, you can sort bloggers by niches in a Google spreadsheet, which is also free to use.

On the research stage, you need to make sure that the posts and style of a chosen blogger are correlated to yours. You will reach sales and success if only the audience of a bloggers' community is your potential client. You can quite easily browse through their feed to find this information, plus their story highlights.

Top Tips When Contacting Influencers

Make use of these tips, when you aim to leverage your account with bloggers. 

  • Message many bloggers at once. As I indicated above, influencers with many followers and requests sometimes do not reply. It shouldn't be a matter of concern for you. The tried and proven solution in this situation is to send private messages to multiple influencers at once. Be prepared that many of them will simply overlook or ignore your offer. That's why when you contact at least 100 bloggers at once, you will likely get positive replies from some of them. 
  • If they don't want to barter, offer two products and promo codes. Sometimes, bloggers refuse to cooperate when you give them just a product for themselves. It's a more seductive offer when companies offer two or more goods. One they can have for themselves, other goods will be for a give away on their account. Every influencer knows that a giveaway will boost the activity under a post, which will possibly drive it to the Explore section. This situation is lucrative for both – a brand and a blogger. So, when you begin the negotiation, promise to supply them with at least two pieces, and the outcome of the dialog will be positive. 
  • Ask a blogger to add a Story and a post in Highlights. When you are discussing the terms of your negotiation, ask them to highlight a publication they will post. When an influencer uses a branded story, you can instantly get a higher reach and sales. But this will not last for a long time. However, if you negotiate that they should add this publication to Highlights, new views will come to your account even in days or months after the publication. Thus, you will get bloggers' traffic for a longer time.

Final Thoughts

All in all, partnering with worthwhile influencers will help you to win brand trust and generate more income through Instagram. For example, ArXe Ventures find their clients who use social media marketing often have a lot more success than the ones using more traditional methods of advertisement, especially in recent years.

In the investigation stage, be more attentive to the real activity on an account and to the audience of a blogger. Your task is to filter the most trusted candidates. There are many ways to find influencers for your business – you can use Google (adjust in the settings the specific region), marketing platforms, or a free Instagram tool.

Hope this helped.

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