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How to Increase YouTube Views

YouTube is the 2nd largest website in the world, people use it to concern daily for watching videos on different topics. Every month across 2 billion people use it around the world. A huge audience from the U.S., approximately 73% of adults, watches videos on YouTube daily. Plus you can use a youtube to mp3 website to download and convert the videos.

Businesses also use YouTube to share their content, as there is no other business tool more powerful than YouTube. There are many YouTubers across the world, sharing their content on a daily or weekly basis. So, if you are a new YouTuber and want to make your brand prominent, or to get YouTube subscribers, you need to boost the views on your channel. 

If the content you shared is compelling, there are enough chances that the audience will come back to your channel and love to watch the content you share. But the point is how to get the people to pull in, in the first time.

There are some ways to increase the views, those are as follows:

How to get more views on YouTube for free

Get Organic Research 

Google and YouTube have their search algorithms. 

According to that algorithm, the videos get visibility and ranking on a particular keyword. YouTube check a variety of factors to categorize the content, to rank your content on top or bottom against a particular searched keyword. 

Descriptive title with main keywords

Here you need to play with keywords. An interesting and descriptive title will give fever in two things: 

  1. Inform the audience about the purpose of the video (and content in the video)
  2. Gives relevant keyword to the algorithm against relevant research 

For keyword research, SEO methods can be used. The keyword planner can tell you the popular keywords of the time. Optimized content on the right keywords brings organic views on your channel. As it successfully informs the search engine and your audience about the content your video has. 

Quality description with target keywords

In the description of the video, you can effectively inform the user and search engine about the content. Similarly, remaining keywords, you could not include in the title could be inserted in the description of the video. CTR (click-through-rate) can increase in this way, and bring the organic views to your channel. Try to capture short tail keywords, while capturing the interest about a particular subject. 

Use tags

Video tags on YouTube also help you to train the search engine about the content your video has. Search engines and users start understanding your content in a better way. 

So, optimized title, description, and use of tags collectively reflect the core of the content in your video. Short tail keywords are recommended over long-tail keywords. 

Optimization of thumbnail images

The Thumbnail image helps to attract your audience. It works wonderfully to increase the organic views either your video is appearing in the suggestion section, social media, or organic result page. Use high-quality images along with the engaging fonts. Thumbnail is another important factor to boost organic views. 

How to get more views on YouTube cheat? 

Few sites on the internet sell views like Jaynike,,, and VivoViews. From these websites, you can buy YouTube views. You can also determine the speed of getting views, to pretend the process organically. Comments, likes, subscribers, friends can also purchase from these sites. These are not expensive at all; you can buy 5,000 in $10 only. For 5000 views, you have to wait for a long period. In this way, you can easily earn views and boost the video on the top rank. 

Getting Help of an Agency to Get More Views

There are many digital marketing agencies, helps you to get the views on YouTube channels. 

Video SEO, YouTube marketing, and YouTube advertisement and influencer marketing - read more - are the services, agencies provide for your YouTube channel. You can hire an agency to get SEE of your video. They optimize your channel pages etc so that search engine could easily find your video on a particular keyword. These agencies use professional strategies to increase the visibility on a search result. You can also get help in creating eye-catching content, and visuals, effective channels. In this way, you can get the help of agencies to buy real YouTube views for your channel. 

Some popular agencies are as follows:

  • Barracuda
  • Digital marketing agency (DMA)
  • Facto One
  • Marketing Hy
  • io
  • Passion Digital
  • Simply Ads
  • Techmagnate 
  • Utubeo 
  • Vireo Video

How to get more views on YouTube 2019?

There are several strategies to get more views on the YouTube channel. As an optimized title, optimized description, attractive thumbnail, and tags help to rank a video and get more views. You can also practice the following things in this respect:

Focus on the content you shared

After attracting the audience for the first time, the main thing is to keep the audience connected to your channel. It could be done only if the content you shared is informative and attractive at the same time. If the audience finds the content valuable, he will stay connected to your channel, and return to your channel again at any time and increase your views. 

Use Cards

Cards can be generated on YouTube channel to:

  • Earn subscribers on YouTube channel
  • Promote video content
  • Gain traffic on the channel
  • Involve the audience in the poll. 

While using these cards, you must encourage the audience to view you less watched videos, and subscribe to your channel. You can analyze the factors, where the audience stops watching your content, using behavioral analytics. YouTube behavior analytics help you to get insight and matrices and increase the organic views on the channel.

Create Playlist 

Create a playlist of the videos with similar subjects and interests so that viewers can get the content in a centralized place. In this way, the user does not need to navigate to find the required content. 

After embedding the playlist, you can share it on platforms, with your audience and increase views on your channel. 

Contact Influencers

Influencers marketing are the major source of reaching the audience. As they already have a huge size of audience built, when they re-share your content, which reaches to the potential audience.

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