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How Can I Get a New Number Without a SIM Card?

Get a New Number Without a SIM Card

What we are describing is known as voice over IP or VoIP. Basically calls over the internet rather than a cellular network or landline. There are numerous providers available including both free and paid services. In most cases people with a smartphone are able to use these services with apps. There are various apps available you can use that will give you a phone number which you can use to call and text with like Textplus, textnow, Viber, text free, etc.There are also Linux and Windows based programs for VoIP.

Each services is different, some offer international calling for free, some offer free texting buy require you to buy credits to call anyone who's not also using their app, some even offer free SIM card with free service and devices for their own network so you can send texts and make calls outside of wifi, and so on, so the options are definitely there. For better explanation today we selected the top 3 of the best methods for getting a new number without any SIM card.

How to get a new number without a SIM card

The way to get around that is to no way hand out your particular phone number, except to buddies and family. There are a lot of good reasons for this. Perhaps you buy or sell particulars on Facebook Marketplace, manage an Airbnb table, are hunting for a job, have a career that requires lots of phone calls, or you're online dating. There are various reasons for us to not use a SIM card and as a solution we can get a new number with less problems.

There are plenty of options for e-sims that are easy to use and highly functional for many reasons. You can find details and options at


Burner is an excellent mobile phone operation available for both iOS as well as Android users. You can produce temporary disposable phone numbers and use them for professional purposes. Burner acts as an original alternate phone number for you. You can use this number for any purpose as you wish. However, you can do that directly as well, if you want to disconnect. You are also given an option to produce multiple numbers and use them for different purposes. As analogous, you can switch lives and use different numbers for different reasons.

Burner is a no-contract, reimbursed mobile phone, generally an ultra-cheap handset you buy in a store easily through cash, spark with a call or online, use for a while, also discard. The throwing away is the "burning" part, but tossing the phone number is voluntary, as the proprietor can eclipse off the twinkles on a prepaid phone and keep using it. With a burner, you do not have to block a person or snooper, shady marketer, or robo frequenter from your endless phone. But the option is there, while your original phone number is complete.

Cloud SIM

These are with the aid of using a long way the much less costly apps that allow you to get a couple of telecel smartphone numbers. Research suggests that Cloud SIM is inexpensive than current telecel smartphone connections. You are given the benefit of calling and texting without cost to all CloudSIM users. All the contacts in your mobile phone may be contacted via this cell application.


The is the simplest mobile application for each Android and iOS Devices. The voice quality on Telos is way higher than everybody 's phone call. Whereas this being one of the best options, Telos conjointly permits you to create free international calls. The signal and therefore the affiliation comes with decision ID, Call interference features and the skim skim receipt features as you text too. The easiest half is you'll be able to also port the quantity to others such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint.

Get a new phone number today

As we discussed earlier, the reason behind seeking a phone number without using a SIM card and we also discussed some options such as Burner. Telos and cloud SIM. These are some of the best methods anyone can use to archive a phone number with better services. Not many countries have such options for their people. That's why you must know if it is available in your area. If not, you must seek the app's methods. Even the apps methods are not so accurate but it might help you to keep your privacy a lot.

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