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How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen
Without Replacing It

Few things are sadder than seeing a laptop with a cracked, broken, chipped or broken screen. It is in those moments that we remember the mother, grandmother, and great-great-grandmother of the person who invented computers. In the moments after, it seems that nothing can be done except despair or observe a respectful minute of silence.

When we regain our composure, we begin to see how the flaws can be fixed. For starters, the laptop still works, but if it is the screen that has broken visit at laptops for hacking. What do we have to do when this happens to us? Do you have to buy another computer?

Leaving your laptop will usually cause the screen to crack or break, which means you will have to replace the screen. However, having a computer technician replace your laptop screen can be very expensive. By replacing your laptop screen, you can save a lot of money. To replace a screen, you do not have to be technically inclined. Just follow a few simple instructions. Let's see:

What you can do when your Screen Breaks

The first thing is to assess what the damage has been. A laptop with a scratched screen can keep running and turning on, even if it's a bit sad. But if when you press the power button you see that it does not turn on directly, then it is that there has been an internal break.

The best thing in such cases is to immediately call a technician (if you are in Madrid, here you have one). We can be us or your usual company, but attention; Sometimes repairing a damaged screen will be much more expensive than changing it for a new one, so don't let your IT company time you.

We are sincere to you; invest in what is important, in what is necessary to work and it makes you money. Do not invest in computer repair> when you see that you are out of budget.

Different question is if the screen turns on, but does strange things:

  • There are vertical or horizontal colored stripes.
  • It has lost its brightness and everything looks darker.
  • Colors appear reddish, green, or white.
  • There are dead pixels, that is, it does not give electrical signals.

In such cases, the repair may be easier and less expensive, since it is only a question of repairing some component. You can do it yourself by unhooking the laptop screen and opening it, but if you do not know how to do it, it is best to always contact a computer technician to advise you.If you don't want to do any of these things, because you don't want to spend a lot of money, you have other options:

1. Buying a second hand laptop screen and swapping one screen for another

It is true that it is quite cheap, although it is very important that you see that the screen is of the same model and size in inches, since otherwise it will not fit. Here they explain how it is changed.

2. Use an external monitor

It is not the most orthodox, because you would be turning your laptop into a desktop computer, but you can always connect a nice many-inch LCD monitor and unhook the broken screen. To use a monitor on your laptop, you have to read this article.

3. Assess the damage

Connect your Surface to an external monitor to make sure the graphics card is working properly.Be on the lookout for issues like screen dimming or brightness.The point of assessing the damage is to make sure you are looking at a cracked screen and display issues no less serious. To begin with, you may want to establish that there are no graphics card issues.

4. Remove the battery from the laptop

Disconnect the laptop from the electrical power. Locate the screw covers, which are usually found on the frame around the screen. Remove the screw covers by prying around the corner to see if there is a screw underneath. There are normally four or six screws that need to be removed. Make sure that you remove all the screws and screw covers and set them aside. You can read on here for more details.

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