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How to Engage Your Audience With
Instagram Stories in 5 Steps

Have you ever wanted to know how to engage your audience with Instagram stories? What about how to get your stories featured on the explore page? There are a lot of Instagram users that are looking for answers such as these. Fortunately, this article has answers for you. I am going to go over the do's and don'ts of creating engaging and exciting Instagram stories that will stand out to your audience. Follow these steps and get started on your way to your dream Instagram page.


This can be accomplished by designing a storyboard that enables you to easily share a story that is consistent with your brand and that your audience can enjoy! There are several applications available for this (read more on that here). Utilizing storyboards to say your Instagram stories requires planning. You can't upload on the fly, but you can build the material when you're doing something else and then organize it into an Instagram tale later.

I can't tell you how many times I've either failed to produce content at the time or ran out of time and went on to another location so I could publish it. However, since this is critical, I will advise you to develop a habit of pulling out your phone in the moment and putting aside time later to bring together the post!

Believe me when I say that storyboards would significantly improve your Instagram story views! These storyboards will assist you in developing a coherent narrative that the viewers will continue to connect with and follow along with. When you can carve out time to produce content like this, you'll see an increase in profile views and followers.


I'm aware that hashtag analysis is mentally taxing. In either case, how do hashtags work? Which of them do not? Is it possible that I would be shadowbanned? Is shadowbanning a legitimate practice? To begin, shadowbanning is not real; however, that is a topic for another article. When you delve further, hashtags become a rabbit pit with open-ended queries and 'wishful thinking.' That being said, you can continue to use hashtags in your Instagram stories to attract new followers and inspire them to connect with you!

When you discover the appropriate hashtags on Instagram, you will really begin to connect with the crowd that has been waiting for you all along. Instagram tales should be treated similarly. Frequently, I find that I receive a large number of Instagram story views from people looking for hashtags. Typically, these are perspectives that I may not have received otherwise! Thus, you can absolutely use hashtags in all of your stories.

Bear in mind that you may only use one hashtag with the hashtag sticker or type out ten hashtags inside your Instagram story article.

If you're feeling sly, you should conceal the hashtags with gifs and stickers. Additionally, you should adjust the text's color to fit the plot. For instance, suppose your Instagram Story features an abundance of blue sky. You should type the hashtags and then adjust their color to match the sky. Then reduce their size and conceal them in plain sight.


To choose the best Instagram story views hashtags, I suggest deliberating long and hard on everyone you want to see your posts. Will they fashion enthusiasts? Will they van dwellers? Are they hikers? Perhaps you're a travel blogger? Then do a cursory search. Conduct a search for the hashtag you're considering utilizing to see whether someone else is using that with their stories. All of this information is available on the hashtag's website (example below).

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