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How to Download Pinterest Videos

How to Download Pinterest Videos

Pinterest is a social media site where people share interesting photos, images, and videos. Even though the videos are so good, some people want to save them on Pinterest so they can watch them later. Also, it's very easy to download videos from Pinterest.

Pinterest is also known for its many photos and videos that look like they were made by professionals. There is also a feature called "categories" that makes it easier to find the content you want.

Just like on other social media sites, Pinterest makes it easy to save photos, images, and videos. You can use a laptop/PC or an Android phone.

How to Download Videos on Pinterest

When we go to the Pinterest website, sometimes the first thing we see is a message telling us to log in. You can sign up for a Pinterest account if you don't already have one.

It's also easy to sign up for an account on Pinterest or log in. Because you can also use your Facebook or Google account to sign in.

After you have logged into your Pinterest account, you can search for the videos you want to download.

You can save any video on Pinterest to your phone's gallery by downloading it. Here are some ways you can do it, from doing it without the app to doing it with the app's help.

  1. Down2You

In this first tutorial, you only need a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera. The browser can be used on a laptop, an Android phone, or an iPhone.

  • Start up your web browser app.

  • Find the video on Pinterest that you want to download or save.

  • Get the link from the video on Pinterest.

  • Then click here to go to the site.

  • Paste the link to the video on Pinterest into that column.

  • Then click the button that says Download.

  • Then the video you want to see on Pinterest will show up.

  • Scroll down and click the button that says "Download Link."

The Pinterest video will start to download once you click the button. Just wait until the download is done, and the video will be saved to your storage.

  1. Catch Tube

Catch Tube is another website that lets you save videos from Pinterest online and without installing an app. This service is free and can be used for all of Pinterest's videos.

How to download videos on Pinterest via android or laptop:

  • Make sure you have a link to a video from Pinterest already.

  • Then go to the website

  • Paste the link into the field that says "Enter URL."

  • Then click the button that says Catch Video.

  • Lastly, click on the Download Video video/mp4 option.

  • The video from Pinterest will now start to download.

  • Wait until the process of downloading is done.

How long it takes to download a video on Pinterest depends on how long the video is. It will take longer if the time is longer.

  1. Pinterest Video Downloader

Just by looking at the name of this third method, you can see that you don't need an app to save videos from Pinterest. The goal of this website is to make it easy to get videos from Pinterest.

How to download pinterest videos with online downloader:

  • You must first copy or copy the link to the video from Pinterest.

  • Then open the browser and go to

  • Paste the link into the URL field, and then click the Download button.

  • Last, click the button at the bottom that says "Download Video."

  • Finished.

  1. Video Downloader for Pinterest

The last way to save videos from Pinterest is to use the Pinterest video downloader app. If you want to save videos from Pinterest to your Android phone, this app is just what you need.

How to use pinterest video downloader APK on android:

  • You can install the app from the Play Store or by clicking here.

  • Then, open Pinterest and look for the video you want to save.

  • Copy the link to the video on Pinterest.

  • Copy the link to the app, and then click the "Download" button.

  • Then there will be an option to download the video through a link.

  • Tap the option to save the video to the HP gallery.

  • Finished.

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