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How Do Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) Work?

It seems like non-fungible tokens - that represent an asset other than money - have been taking the world by storm as of late. What first may have started as more of a niche for die hard crypto enthusiasts has exploded on the scene as a legitimate investment in terms of digital art and collectibles. So much so that even old school auction houses of renown such as Christie’s have had Beeple’s iconic work going for a record setting sale of $69.3 million.

Perhaps you’re a creative that’s looking to monetize. You might be looking to not miss the crypto gold rush as an investor. Either way, it could very well be that NFTs may be your ticket to success. Before just diving in, make sure you understand the process and underlying technologies behind NFTs, as well as being aware of the risks. Learn more about why so many people have become fascinated by the NFT market and how NFTs work in the infographic below:

How Do Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) Work

Source: Expensivity

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Home Article Library Cryptocurrencies
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