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How Digital Businesses Grow

2020 was a hard year for small businesses. Nearly 30% closed their doors, some permanently. But the future looks brighter; Americans created millions of online microbusinesses in 2020. 67% of these new business owners now plan to grow their microbusiness full-time. Many traditional SMBs are also making plans for the digital future.

Growing a small business is hard. Many small business owners take full responsibility for nearly every aspect of their business. As a result, the majority are too terrified to go on vacation. Yet if owners are already busy at the company’s current level, how will the business grow? Most small businesses aren’t prepared to handle a sudden influx of leads.

Building a scalable business takes an optimized system. When everything is optimized online and instructions are clear, tasks are far easier to delegate among employees. Mapping activities enables people to perform each process at a level of excellence. Learn more about microbusiness and digital agency growth in the infographic below:

How Digital Businesses Grow
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