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How to Crop Photos Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

With the emergence of different photo-sharing platforms, uploading images online has become routine for many. However, while sharing or uploading their images online, people are constantly struggling with adhering to the aspect ratio and dimensions specified by each photo-sharing portal. Different platforms have different compatibility and composition criteria for uploading an image. Sometimes, it seems daunting as not all images are of the same size, aspect ratio, or dimensions. In most cases, people must crop their photos to achieve the recommended image proportions.

Most social media addicts find it difficult to run complex image editing software to crop an image, while online image cropping websites offer less effort and optimum quality without even paying anything. People need to crop photos online for multiple reasons. Sometimes, it is about achieving an ideal size or proportion for the image to be uploaded online successfully or to emphasize the focus element clearly. In any case, an online photo-cropping website comes in handy. This is why online photo cropping tools are becoming more popular daily.

In this post, we are going to discuss a step-by-step guide to crop photos online, along with some interesting tips that will make the whole process smooth and fun.

Why Crop Photos Online? 

There are multiple reasons why one must choose online tools for cropping photos. Such as:

  • Online image cropping is extremely convenient and accessible. You must access the sites at any time from anywhere in the world. Also, there is no compulsion to use any specific device to crop your images. You can do it using your mobile phone too.
  • Online cropping tools are known for their precise results. They come with plenty of choices and options for cropping. You can do it either by selecting the desired aspect ratio or dimensions to resize your images.
  • One thing that is common while cropping images is losing the quality of it. Online cropping tools ensure the original quality remains intact even after altering its size and proportion. Choosing the right online picture editing tool is important to make sure that the image is not pixelated and distorted.
  • Online image cropping tools are cloud-based. So, you can share your cropped image directly from the website to your desired destination. 
  • The best part about online cropping tools is that most of them let you use their interface for free. While buying dedicated image editing software can make a hole in your pocket, these sophisticated online tools are mostly free to provide you with their basic functionalities. Based on the unique features of different online tools, some let you use them for a limited number of times without paying anything. 

How to Crop Photos Online?

Cropping a photo online can significantly improve the quality and perspective of your shot. There are a few easy techniques to crop your photos in the right way to avoid any quality issues. Cropping is the ultimate option to draw the viewer's attention to a specific object in the image or to remove an obstructive element from it simply. 

Cropping photos online is a straightforward procedure, even for a beginner. You don't need to have expert knowledge and practice to crop photos online. Online photo editing platforms like Watermarkly allow their users an intuitive image-cropping user interface that is easy to learn and adapt. So, let's go through the steps to crop an image online:

Step 1: Find the right online image editing platform 

It is not feasible to crop an image while it is being viewed online. Instead, you must save the photo to your computer's hard drive, open it in your desired online photo editing tool, and crop the image there. 

Step 2: Uploading the image to your desired online cropping tool

Every online photo editing tool has a straightforward uploading option. You need to click that, select the image you want to crop from your desired source, and upload it there. You get plenty of source options such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos, and your hard disk. Choose whatever suits you best, and the tool will get your image ready to be processed. You can also select multiple photos together if you are working in bulk. 

Tip: While choosing the images, make sure the image format is compatible with the online tool you are using. Usually, most online photo editors support almost all types of image formats like JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, etc. But, usually, the most dreaded formats are WEBP, RAW, and PDF. You might need to convert them to a compatible format before uploading. 

Step 3: Choose the right setting for the crop

Apart from cropping presets, most online editing tools allow you to put a crop dimension manually. Both are equally effective depending on the way you want it to be done. In the case of a typical social media upload, just using crop presets is enough to get a clean and high-quality crop. However, if you are working on a project where a definite image dimension is decided, you need to put the aspect ratio values manually. 

Step 4: Preview the Cropped Image

As soon as you are done selecting the desired dimension, size, and pixels, you may check the preview of the crop before giving the final go-ahead. A preview will let you identify if there is any area of improvement or if you need anything to rectify. Sometimes, we make minute mistakes that we don't remember. It is better to make the corrections beforehand than repeat the whole process for a silly mistake. 

Step 5: Select the output format

The final step of the entire procedure is to download the resultant image after you crop photos online. Here, you also get plenty of options to choose your desired image format. Depending on where you need to upload the cropped image, choose a format for the output. 


This step-by-step guide offered in this post gives you a comprehensive approach to cropping photos online. Even if you are a beginner and unable to achieve a professional level of precision, online photo editing tools help you reach that goal without charging you for anything. By following the steps mentioned in this post, you won't feel the need to use heavy software or carry your laptop wherever you go. 

The best part about online photo editors is that they work on cloud servers and, thus, are accessible from all over the world. With the power of an interactive user interface, powerful tools, and effective presets, enhancing your images to a professional level is now easy. So, start transforming your images by cropping them online.

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