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How Can Smartphone Slots Impact Your Health

Back in the late 1800s the invention of the slot machine blew many people away and helped to usher in a whole new chapter in the history of gambling. It truly was a landmark moment for the industry, with casinos springing up across the US in a relatively short space of time after. Then again, in the 1980s the creation of video slot games increased the popularity of the gambling market even more, testimony to the way it continues to evolve.

The next big thing was the dawn of online slots in the early 2000s, in fact this is still probably the biggest change that the gambling industry has ever experienced, responsible for a period of unprecedented growth. More recently mobile gaming has rocked the casino world, attracting millions of new players each and every year. But here’s the thing: can things like mobile slots have a negative impact on your health? Or a positive one? Let’s find out.

Increased Happiness from Playing Slot Games

Many committed smartphone slot gamblers will tell you that their hobby brings them an unrivalled amount of happiness, especially considering the fact that they can spin those reels from pretty much anywhere they happen to find themselves. Who can blame them as well? There are few things in life that can make you as happy as winning a massive jackpot on your favourite online slot.

Moreover, because of the sensational work done on the part of developers you can have extreme amounts of fun without even winning anything. The bonus rounds available these days, for instance, can often resemble proper full-fledged little mini-games… a lot of fun to be had!

Increased Brain Activity

A lot has been made about “training” your brain in recent years, and mobile slots can actually be one of the best ways to do this in the modern world. Slots are intrinsically mathematical things, so when you gamble away on them you are also exposing yourself to the world of mathematics, something not enough people do these days.

Furthermore, simply following the action on the screen can increase your motor skills, concentration levels and quick thinking. Mobile slots, therefore, can be very good for your health.

Lack of Exercise if you Play Slots Too Much

On the flipside, however, they can also be rather detrimental to your health if you are not sensible. One of the main problems that some avid mobile slot players run into is the fact that they are doing a lot less exercise. This, obviously, is pretty bad for your health, however you could always spin the reels whilst working up a sweat on an exercise bike, couldn’t you?

Mobile Slots: A Slippery Slope to Addiction?

One annoying thing that has risen out of the mobile slots explosion is an additional increase in the amount of problem gamblers suffering from an addiction. When you consider how easy it is to play an online slot from your mobile these days this shouldn’t really be a surprise, but the point still stands – it is far too easy to become addicted to smartphone slots.

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