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How to Host a New Year’s Eve Virtual Dinner Party?

Who would have known that New Year’s eve will be as bland as it can get? We still are a month shy of Christmas and New Year’s eve, but things don’t seem to go well regarding the pandemic. This was pretty much-expected nonetheless. 

Let’s quit whining about not having the biggest ball-drop party or the fancy new years party that we generally would attend if it wasn’t for Covid-19 and get into the new normal routine. 

After spending the year with lots of face-masks, sanitizers, isolation, and social distancing, we are pretty much an expert in making the most in these situations. That’s the beauty of humankind; we learned to adapt and survive in the toughest of conditions. 

Even though most of us live under strict lockdown, that doesn’t prevent us from having the time of our life, celebrating these essential occasions with our family from afar. Hence, we have prepared a guide on hosting dinner parties for the New Year, virtually. 

Virtual Dinner Party

Doesn’t it seem like a fun idea? Relax, it’s way better than contemplating how things would have been if things were different and all. Make yourself a little flexible and enjoy following the instructions below and organizing the best virtual dinner party of all time. 

1. Get everyone on board

Not that everyone will be out and about having plans of their own, but before you begin with your preps, make a list of people you want to include in the program. This may consist of friends or family members. But since Christmas is all about family, people tend to party on New Years’ with their friends or significant others. 

Make a list and get everyone on board about your plan. Inform everyone beforehand of the virtual event, so they make room for it if they have a busy schedule or prior commitments. It will help you refine the list into who can make it and who can’t, refining your plan if you have an empty slot that can be filled.

2. Make a schedule

Now that the list is complete and finalized send our official invitation confirming the timings and the venue for the virtual dinner. And start making a schedule on how you will plan your days according to it. Shop, try a new recipe, or stock up on necessary items for dinner. What you will wear, when will you start cooking, and just going ahead with everything that you can do to make the day much more organized for you. 

Virtual Dinner Party

3. Pick a platform

You can’t have a virtual dinner without picking the required platform first. Thankfully, everyone is aware of all the setups and apps used to make communications easy. It can be Zoom, Google meet, skype, hangouts, etc. Just pick the one with the best service and the one that is conveniently available to all your guests. 

Virtual Dinner Party

4. Netflix Teleparty

Teleparty, formerly known as Netflix Party, is a great way to watch a movie with your friends. You don’t have to be in the same place, and you guys certainly won’t fight on the lack of movies to select from, or will you because of the variety? We can’t guarantee that. But we guarantee that you can get the biggest US Netflix library with the help of a reliable VPN, or you will face a Netflix proxy error as you try to access the international library. Sort it and test it out beforehand to avoid any inconveniences for others.

Virtual Dinner Party

5. Plan the meal

Food time! Appetizer, Entree, and then the perfect desserts binding the whole meal together. Pick a good hearty meal, preferably one-pot meals or the one where you throw everything in the oven and let it cook on their own. Don’t spend too much time on food since you have to get yourself and the house ready. If you take too much time in the kitchen, you will be too tired to have a meaningful interaction with your peers by the time everyone comes online. 

6. Set the mood 

Apart from a movie night, you can plan further activities that one can play on camera easily, this means dumb charades, or guess the title with hints, never have I ever, etc. If you find yourself too mature for this, then just have a meaningful conversation with your peers. Debate, talk, and open up about your experiences living in a lockdown. Listen to what others have to say and be open to everything. 

Virtual Dinner Party

7. Fireworks!

End the day with a hint of a spark, only if you live in an open area, not recommended for people living in apartment complexes. Light up the sky with a small dose of fireworks to celebrate the new beginnings. And hope that it is better than the year we just bid farewell.

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