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Hidden Google Games That Will Keep You
Happily Engaged For Hours

These days, playing mobile and computer games is the primary source of entertainment for millions of users from all around the globe. This involves people of all ages and profiles. To address the demand, Google has been instrumental in innovating engaging and enticing games, keeping the players always happy. Paragraphs underneath shall discuss the best games from Google that will be worthy of trying at least once. 

  • Flight Simulator - Google Earth
    If you have an aviation geek inside you, this is one game that you will surely love to play. This game provides a nice experience to the players, keeping them happily engaged for hours. If you aspire to step into the shoes of a pilot, this is a game that you must try once. As such, if you are yet to download and install the game, you must do that right now!! You may use the Hotozcoupons to find the best deals on these games. 
  • Google Dinosaur game
    Trying this builtin, hidden game from Google, you get to a time when the world was inhabited and dominated by these giants. Also, the new players will take the minimum time to master its mechanism. Even if you are having issues with the internet connection, for which you are unable to connect to the game page, you simply need to hit the space tab for launching the game. 
  • Solitaire 
    Another gem from the list of the hidden Games from Google, this is one option that is really worthy of a special mention. If you have been an enthusiast of Card games, this is one game that promises you the maximum fun and engagement. Playing this game is very easy, and you can opt for either the easy or the hard modes, as per your expertise on this game. 
  • Clouds 
    This hidden game from Google is compatible with Android devices, and the best part is that players can play this game in offline mode. This game features the Flappy Birds, flying towards their target. 
  • Pac-Man
    This game is compatible with all the modern browsers, and playing this game is very easy. 
  • Google Doodle Games
    Making its initial release as images, with the modernization of technology, it now stands as a comprehensive game that keeps the players engaged for hours.
  • Text Adventure
    This game is stand-alone, as it embraces the text, rather than dealing with visual resources. Players love this game as it features a vibe of adventure. Utilize the Dealvoucherz codes to get the best deals on this game. 

Clear your photos on Google Drive

It is one of the things that you can do. If you can free up some spaces from your Google drive, you can make some space for your mails. Well, Google provides 15 GB free space to all the Gmail users, which in turn is divided by various Gmail services. Some of the most significant services that share the Google space are Google photos and Google drive. Apart from that, space is also allotted for mails. So, if you clean up a bit of space from Google photos and drive, you will get some space for your mails.

Empty the updates and promotion space

You have to understand that your inbox comprises the most important mails of yours. Apart from that, you will find that there are 2 other places named updates and promotions. Well, there you will find a lot of unsolicited emails. You can get rid of those emails and make some space for your important mails.

Get rid of your old emails

All of our Gmail accounts consist of numerous old Emails. We don't need to say that those emails are not that important. Therefore, the best thing that we can do is delete those unimportant emails. Deleting those mails will create some space that will help you to bring some important emails on the boards. 

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