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How Hashtags Help to Get More Engagement
on Your Instagram Post

As a business owner or influencer, your main focus would be to increase engagement on Instagram. While the trend of hashtags started on Twitter, Instagram made it a largely popular way to get your profile noticed. Hashtags may seem unimportant to you, but studies have shown that the use of hashtags increases the engagement of your post by a huge margin. With proper use of hashtags, more like-minded people can find your profile. Hashtags are like a way of categorizing photos or videos on Instagram. When you follow or look up a hashtag, you see all the posts that have used it. 

Hashtags are used with a strong intent to make your content easily discoverable. You can use up to 30 hashtags on a post and 10 on a story. Let us dive into the topic of how hashtags are important and help you get more Instagram followers:


More emphasis could not be placed on this but hashtags are the way to get people to notice your content. Many people post good stuff, but it doesn’t reach its maximum potential and remains restricted to the few followers they have. If you are serious about getting out there, you need to learn how to utilize all the weapons at your disposal. If you feel that people are not noticing your page due to a lack of a substantial following, there are websites where you can buy Instagram followers. Utilize them until the hashtags drive an organic audience to your page.


Trends come and go very suddenly, and there is a constant cycle of change involved there. Hashtags are used to follow the latest trend, whether it be for a brand or a social cause. Hashtags let people know what a post is about and the audience gets the chain going by posting with the same hashtag. It also gives you an idea of what your competition is targeting and gives you some knowledge of what works or doesn’t work for you. Hashtags are constantly evolving so keep up with the latest trend to stay in the game.


A proper hashtag used at the right time drives you more audience than a good post with no hashtags. While you can buy Instagram followers, hashtags can be used for targeted campaigns that generate a more organic audience. It has been used by many brands and businesses to market themselves. The chain of hashtags continues when your followers start using the same one that drives more visibility for your brand. It not only promotes your brand but also gets your followers connected. You can even have a giveaway or contest promotions using hashtags that help you increase engagement on Instagram. 


Location tags have become a useful way to market to the people living closest to you. People have gotten into the trend of modifying hashtags to suit their geographical or market location. Small businesses can take great advantage of this by localizing their hashtags to gain more attention from the people nearby. If you are a small business owner, someone who is just starting, you can use this method to get more popular in a certain city. You can get a base of loyal customers in your region before expanding elsewhere. It works similar to the principle of traditional shops and their subsequent branches. The potential for the localized markets on a global scale is going to be huge in the coming years.


This is one of the most important uses of the hashtag feature. At a time hopefully not too far, your brand will attract widespread attention, and using the traditional method of trending hashtags will not be sufficient anymore. You will have to learn how to create hashtags that have originated from your page and are original. Think of quirky challenges or contests in which you can use these self-made hashtags to showcase your brand’s popularity. Your Instagram followers will use the same and it will create brand awareness. It will help users associate themselves with a successful brand and for you, it will generate more popularity and audience. It is a win-win situation for both of you.


Hashtags are a crucial tool for marketing yourself on social media. It gives you a chance to increase engagement on Instagram. Whether you are an influence or a brand looking to expand its reach, using proper hashtags get you running in the game. They are a guaranteed way of making your voice heard on Instagram. Popular hashtags have a way to attract crowds and get into conversations with you. Find inspiration from your peer or the latest trends and use those hashtags on your page for more exposure.

Make sure you add the right hashtags and eventually go on to create your personalized hashtags to see what people are saying about your brand. Create a hashtag cheat sheet that gives you quick access to your selection of hashtags whenever you want to post something. Keep track of the industry trends and have a plan to regularly update your hashtags. Armed with great research, you are ready to make the most of this powerful tool for your brand.

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