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Hacks to Get Rid of Spam Calls

Scam phone calls are probably at or near the top of your list of the things that irritate you the most. The automated robocallers also referred to as telemarketers on occasion, have a propensity for phoning you at the most inopportune times. Not just are the robocalls an issue, but there are also spam calls. Due to the ongoing invention of con artists, avoiding falling victim to phone scams has become an essential component of our lives. However, not all fraudulent schemes produce obvious warning signs right once; therefore, it is essential to be watchful.

Here are some hacks to safeguard your privacy and stop telemarketers and spam calls.

  1. Call blocker app

Call-blocking apps are an efficient way to curtail (or even deter) spam calls. Besides fulfilling its fundamental promise of blocking unknown calls, each app comes with add-ons and features tailored to what you need, whether filtering spam texts or adding an automated answering message (designed to frustrate scammers). Most of these apps charge a subscription fee. Make sure you research before signing up for these apps to ensure they serve your needs and can be trusted to use your data wisely. Some famous call blocker apps are True Caller, Nomorobo, Robo Killer, You Mail and DoNotPay.

  1. Register your number with FTC

Be sure that the National Do Not Call Registry, run by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), has all your numbers included. Because most legal telemarketers won't call numbers on the registry, it won't prohibit bogus calls from coming in. However, it will make it simpler to identify them when they do.

  1. Use your phone block calls option

Calls from unknown numbers can be blocked by adjusting the options on your iPhone or Android device.

Users of iPhones must be on iOS 13 or later. To activate Silence Unknown Callers, head to your device's configurations and the phone menu. Afterwards, calls from unknown callers will be automatically blocked and routed to voicemail while they will still show up in your call history.

A setting to silence all calls from unknown numbers should be available in your Android phone's Settings. Depending on your smartphone, you can block unwanted calls by opening the Phone app, selecting the menu button (three dots), going to Settings, and finally, to the "Block Numbers" section.

  1. Ignore spam calls

When you get a call from someone who is being unpleasant, the urge to yell at the phone is strong. On the other hand, here is a more effective strategy that prevents nuisance calls: Do not give any response. There is consensus among industry professionals that robocallers will less likely continue contacting a number flagged as inactive. If you call back an unknown number, you are opening yourself up to the possibility of other scams.

Bottom line

Robocalls and phone scams are genuine, but there are ways to tackle them and get rid of them permanently. There is a lot of material available that will help you. Once you are aware, it is easy to implement the above hacks to block spam calls.

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