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An Exhaustive Guide for Video SEO

Guide for Video SEO

By Aysha

The practice of boosting the quality and quantity of traffic to your website by optimizing pages for organic search engine results is what Search engine optimization (SEO) stands for.

When determining the ranking of your websites, many factors are taken into consideration which will bring about the digital transformation you strive for including the quality of links to your site and content length. So the question that comes naturally is regarding what is video SEO

Ranking factors for video content include video quality and page load speed. Although from the video content, there are differences from the former to the content like blog posts and web pages. The same purpose is served by video SEO as it aims to increase the searchability of your videos.

However, there’s a twist with video SEO. By reading the text, search engine bots crawl and index the web’s content which makes one wonder how they rank the videos if there is less possibility to watch them.

How to Optimize Your Videos for SEO?

You’ll need to make sure your video is set up right in order for it to have the biggest impact on your search engine optimization. We’ll dive into some tips for properly optimizing your videos for search with the points mentioned below:

Video Sitemap Creation

As defined by Google, "A video sitemap is a sitemap with additional information about video hosted on your pages. The video sitemap acts as the linking bridge from Google to the videos on your site. This rings true for recently added content that is not easily traced by usual crawling tools by Google.

Appropriate File Names

Use keyword-rich filenames. When saving video files that’ll be uploaded to your website to understand what the video is about, this will help both humans and bots. This means rather than calling your video2343345.mp4, you will call it as how-to-use-a-garden-utility-knife.mp4

Usage of Attractive Thumbnails

The thumbnails on your videos should entice people to click and watch while explaining what the video is about. As a visual cue that explains what viewers will get when they watch, try using a copy in your thumbnail depending on what the video is about. If in your video you’ve got a person talking, as a human connection try using them in the thumbnail as it can help drive engagement.

Video Transcriptions

Include a video transcription on the page if you’ve got videos with a talking head or voice-over. Right in the background of your website, the transcript lies in the code, and includes what is said in the script of your video. To know what your video content is about, this helps bots to the most.

The word count of the landing page increases for a webpage with a video transcript and it acts like a long-form blog post. To get more relevant keywords on your page, this gives you the apt opportunity. It increases keyword density, within the visible written content on the page without having to repeat keywords.

Usage of Video Schema Mark-up

To give search engines more information about the content of your video, video schema markup can be used.Your video cannot be spotted by Google bots and hence cannot understand what it entails. So for your code to tell the bots is the only way they can know what your video is about.

To find your video and understand what the video is about, adding schema markup assists Google. In the SERP for search queries related to your video, it can also lead to your video being displayed in the “Videos” results.

Optimization for Speed

Last but not least, for quicker website load times, you must optimize the videos. To load faster, the videos you upload to your site on your own should be optimized. The smaller the file size the better it will be, what it means no one wants to forget quality for sure. So by managing the quality of the image, you must shorten the videos from them to load fast. The best available compression tools include Handbrake and Blaze map right now.

For Search, Leverage the YouTube Player

Instead of hosting the video yourself, you can also embed the YouTube player on your page. To show up higher in search results too, this can help you. In fact, pages with videos using YouTube embedded players appear, on average, two positions higher in the SERP as suggested by recent research.

However, when using the YouTube player to host your videos, there are some shortcomings such as an inability to customize the way the videos appear on your landing page. For using either YouTube or your own player on your website long term, you’ll need to weigh the pros and cons. But YouTube is a good way if you’re just getting started and are looking to increase your visibility.

About the author: 

Aysha is a senior content Writer & Research coordinator. When she isn’t glued to a computer screen, she spends time reading books. She has several years of experience in the field of content writing. She loves to write blogs related to Affiliate marketing/Network marketing, digital marketing, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Crowdfunding, Technologies and more. Write creative and informative content on a wide array of topics. Also, keep track of successful content strategies used across all the digital platforms.

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