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Want to Grow Your Business With Software? Start Here

Growing a business can be really hard. There are always competitors doing the same thing as you, so you need to find an angle to make it a success. Software can help in all manner of ways. It might be able to support you with inventory management. Perhaps you need software to better manage your SaaS offerings or perhaps you want to develop a unique client portal to use. Whatever it may be, procuring and creating software can be a bit of a minefield. You need to get it right too…if you don’t you could be harming your business. Here are some tips to get you started. 

Are You Going to Build It Yourself or Buy an Existing Solution

Business budgets vary when taking growth into account. If you have a healthy budget you can pay a firm to build software from the ground up…it’s pretty expensive. If your budget is a bit more strained, you might want to purchase existing software. There is some great software out there that can help you. Remember, when looking at deciding whether to build vs buy software you have to take your needs into account. If they’re extremely complex, it’s probably worth investing in getting it made up bespokely. If, on the other hand, it's simple…why spend money when you don’t need to? Before engaging any development teams it’s always worthwhile making sure you really need ground up software.

How to Manage a Budget While Developing Software

Some developers will charge more than others. Usually, you can outsource your development to other countries like India and the far East for way less money. The downside of course is that there might be a large time difference making project management difficult. Also, the quality of what you receive might be lesser than a local developer too. You get what you pay for. Make sure you outline what you’re willing to pay at the start of the project. Be firm, so that you aren’t oversold later on. Remember, be sure to create a contract whereby you’ve set out exactly what you want from the project.

What Do You Want the Software to Do

If you can answer this question, it makes shopping for existing software very easy. If you can’t, you might end up purchasing software that isn’t 100% right. You might be paying for features you don’t need, or paying for something that doesn’t 100% fit. Know what you want the software to do. You can do this by speaking to your staff, your customers and clients, and asking them what they want from it. What would make the client experience better and what would make work easier for your workforce? If you can answer these question, you’ll know what software to procure. 

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