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How Can You Grow the Organic Traffic
of Your Website

To be able to increase qualified organic traffic, there are several strategies that you can implement. Let's examine them together:

Content marketing

The first method is to create a content marketing plan, i.e., valuable editorial content, which respond to your buyer persona's specific needs. The main way for content marketing is to integrate a blog into the website.

But be careful: you don't have to post promotional and self-referential content. The goal is to provide the most appropriate answers to your potential customers' questions. Blogging is a great way to convey your authority, inspire trust and position yourself in the public mind as an industry expert.

An effective content marketing strategy includes a benchmark analysis, a listening phase, the buyer persona's definition, and the objectives to be achieved.

Search engine optimization

The pattern is as follows: optimization improves ranking, and better ranking leads to increased traffic. SEO activities must concern both on-site actions (code optimization, site treeing, speed improvement) and on-page ones to best present the contents in the search engine's eyes.

It is essential to carry out proper keyword research, based on which it is possible to determine the most searched words by our buyer persona. For simplicity, we could say that a content marketing plan helps define the topics that interest our audience the most. At the same time, SEO allows you to use the right terminology and words to be found by potential customers.

Answer your buyer persona's questions

To increase targeted traffic, keyword research is not enough. You must try to understand the real needs of your audience and know how to respond appropriately. It would help if you made your content resonate with your audience.

Every user who lands on your site must identify and recognize themselves in what they are reading.

This phase of discovering your buyer personas questions is called listening and can make a real difference in an SEO strategy.

How is listening done? Exploring the digital places frequented by your audience: blogs, forums, communities on social networks. A particularly useful social media for listening is Quora, a platform where users ask questions on any topic. Quora can be a treasure trove of valuable information.

Another tool that recommends is to Answer the public. This free tool allows you to explore the semantic field of a keyword, reporting all the public's questions concerning that particular keyword. The information is displayed in circular graphs but can also be downloaded as a list in CSV format.

Social network

Social networks can not be considered a source of organic traffic. Traffic from social networks is a referral. However, integrating a good social media strategy is useful for brand awareness purposes.

Social media can make us known to our audience and, therefore, indirectly promote organic traffic. When a user comes into contact with a brand they didn't know if they are interested or intrigued by those products, they are likely to do a branded search on Google.

Furthermore, the increase in branded searches will increase our authority in the search engine's eyes, which will reward the pages of our site with a general improvement in ranking.


Try to establish relationships with bloggers and influencers in your industry. Read their content, link to the most interesting ones, and comment on posts. In short, make you known and interact. Presumably, they will do the same to you, too, helping to increase site visits.

Also, attend online forums and communities. Engage in discussions to offer real value to users and not to spam your posts. Don't try to link to content that nobody will read, but try to put your expertise at others' service by becoming an authoritative source in your industry.

This strategy can prove to be very valid to make yourself known to your target, increasing links, citations and branded searches. These are all important external signals that affect positioning.

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