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6 Great Ways to Start a Zoom Meeting

The ongoing pandemic throughout the world has laid heavy emphasis on work from home (WFH) activities. Thanks to ever-faster internet speeds and technology such as 3,4 and now even 5G, it is now very easy to hold meetings and conduct business without any lag or downtime. Moreover, today's innovative smartphones have been instrumental in bringing the office to the pocket. Zoom is one such software that has helped make virtual meetings easier than ever before. Let us take a quick look at how you can start zoom meetings by breaking the ice as quickly as possible.

1. Start with the Introductions

Jumping into a Zoom meeting is not very easy for everyone. This is why you should aim to start your meeting by introducing individual members to each other. Not only will it break the ice, but also allow them time to get to know each other better. And of course, the more comfortable your attendees, the more productive the meeting would be, for everyone.

2. Select a Team Lead in Advance

It would never do if everyone is talking at the same time. Especially if new members have jumped in and are not sure about what they have to do, or even how to do it. This is why you must select a team leader in advance and inform everyone in the meeting that so and so person would be conducting the meeting. You will be able to avoid a whole lot of confusion and frivolous chatter by giving the responsibility to a senior member of your team. If the meeting starts to get derailed, the team lead would jump in and make sure everything is on track. This person will also make sure that everyone gets equal time and opportunity to say their piece.

3. Change Your Background 

This is also an excellent icebreaker at the start of a Zoom meeting. Thanks to the interactive nature of the program, you can virtually transport yourself to a forest, the beach, or even outer space just by customizing the background during the Zoom call. While everyone will be busy checking out each other’s cool backgrounds, they won’t get nervous during the meeting. It is a great way of retaining productivity by creating a spirit of friendly competition.

4. Change Your Name on Zoom

You can change your name on Zoom to anything you like, It can be done for individual meetings or future meetings as well. This is also a great way of starting a meeting. Instead of names, you can assign designations to individual members so that everyone will know who has which responsibility.For example, the team lead will be named accordingly so everyone would be able to defer to him or her for anything. Much the same applies to all the other members of the team as well.

5. Add a Profile Picture to your Profile

It is possible for you to add a temporary profile picture as and when you like, for any meeting you join. Alternatively, you can also do the needful on a permanent basis for all meetings conducted on the Zoom platform.This way, everyone will be able to see at a glance who you are and recognize you. It will also be of great help in subsequent meetings too. Once the attendees attach a face to the name and background picture, they will be at their ease and you won’t have to worry about re-introducing everyone all over again.

6. Ability to Transfer Large Files Safely and Easily

Another great advantage of meeting platforms is that you are able to come up with various ways to share large files with the other participants in the zoom meeting. You can do the needful via using zoom or other large file transfer platforms. This ability is only possible because of advances in cutting-edge technology that enables people to send and share their work in actual real-time without waiting for long hours before it downloads. This way, everyone can contribute to the work, just like they would in an office, using tools like the file sharing service called where you can send files up to 30GB for Free with amazing features available.


It is possible to start a great zoom meeting by cutting the ice through innovative means such as giving people names and designations, formal introductions, and sharing files with each other.

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