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How to Get Instagram Followers Using Ads

Instagram Followers Using Ads

Instagram is not just a small photo-sharing application. Instagram is far from that and is one of the fastest-growing Social Media Platforms. Over this amazing platform is encouraging people to gain fame, visibility, recognition, and opportunities to expand their social circle globally? The key is to have a huge Instagram Following. You can even earn credibility for your Business and grow it in unexpected ways.

Why Use Instagram Ads to grow Followers?

One billion monthly active users and 500 million daily active users access the Instagram app globally.

People visit Instagram to connect, discover, and be inspired by the influencers and brands. Therefore, running ads on Instagram has become one of the top ways to increase Instagram following.

These emotional relationships make Instagram the most amazing platform for businesses and brands to connect with their audience and utilize their influencer marketing opportunities to benefit both parties.

Why is it best to advertise on Instagram?

Instagram now has more than 2 Million active monthly advertisers, including advertisers of businesses, brands, and social influencers.

And the best part is that Instagram’s estimated advertising reach is 1.16 billion users, many of them acquired through top Instagram growth services.

So, if you are thinking of starting a business on Instagram, you'll need to Get Instagram Followers. You should know the stats to make your business strategy likewise. By 2021, Instagram holds 25 Million Business Profiles, and it is not easy for you to stand out among these profiles.

Instagram Ads allow you to target people according to their age, gender, demographics, interest, and location. This is how you can increase your following with the people interested in your business or niche.

I am here to tell you everything you need to know to Get Instagram Followers Using Ads!

Your Go-to Procedure for Buying Instagram Ads

Unfortunately, Instagram does not have a direct, special ad format to grow the number of followers on your profile. But Instagram allows users to visit your Business profile through Ads. 

There are three possible ways to buy Instagram Ads:

  • Promote your posts within Instagram: 

You can promote your Instagram Posts within the platform of Instagram and Facebook. But for setting up ads, you need to have a Business account. Instagram doesn’t allow paid promotion of posts of Private Instagram Account. The method is very simple. Select a post, photograph, video, or story you want to promote, and then input your target audience and budget according to your needs. You will have to attach a debit card to proceed with the placement of Ad. Instagram Help center will guide you in every step!

  • Promote your Business with Facebook ads manager: 

If you don’t have an Instagram account, this method is for you. Let’s suppose you want to grab the attention of Instagram users on your Website or your Facebook. You can run Ads on Instagram by using the Facebook Ads manager. You can use Facebook Ads Manager by your Facebook Page. This method can be a little tricky, but Facebook Business Manager will guide you step by step through the process.

  • Instagram partners - helping businesses grow: 

If you need help with advertising on Instagram and reach your business goals, find an Instagram partner today. It is the latest module introduced by Instagram to help out Businesses placing Adverts, creating content, and managing your account.

Target Your Audience & Set Your Budget

No wonder advertising on Instagram is beneficial for Businesses who want to increase the visibility of their brand. It gives you access to target your audience purely according to your input. The best thing is that Instagram will charge you accordingly, or you can set your budget.

You can target your audience and make your buyer persona by customizing these factors according to your needs.

  • Location: 

Select the country from which you want to grab the user’s attention. You can narrow down your target to the city and even region. You can place your Ads Internationally as well. People from selected areas will see your Ad and act accordingly.

  • Demographics:

This option gives you access to shortlist peopleaccording to their education, ethnicity, home-ownership, income, and other provided details on Social Media Platform.

  • Interests:

You can target people by their interest they stated under their Facebook and Instagram Profile and by the Facebook Pages they Likes. This is a great opportunity to attract people with greater chances to take interest in your content.

  • Age: With this amazing option, you can target different age groups according to your calculations and research.
  • Gender: You can either target all genders or target any one group according to your product and service.
  • Language: Targeting people can also be done by selecting language preferences. It will help you to target people who understand the language that you used in your content.

Categories and Formats of Instagram Ads

You can place Instagram Ads on Feed and Stories. These Ads can be in video or picture format.

Let’s discuss details about ads placed on Instagram Feeds, and users will see them while scrolling.


Ads on Instagram will be Ads you see while scrolling on your Home Feed or your Explore page. There are four different catalogs to run Ads on Instagram Feed.

  • Single Photo Ads with links:

You can create Ads by using a single picture, telling about the product or services you provide, and following by a link leading towards your Instagram Profile, Facebook Page, or your Business Website. You can add a link with a picture of the product, and the link will land on that specific product details to buy.

  • Video Ads on Instagram Feed:

Tell people about your vision, mission, or story by making a short video. Use this video and create a video Ad to attract more people to you. Short videos with an interesting message will do wonders for you. Don’t compromise on the quality of the video.

  • Carousel Ads on Instagram Feeds:

InCarousel ads format, you can add multiple pictures and videos in a single ad set. This format allows people to swipe and see different pictures and videos. This is the best format when you are advertising an E-commerce store. Make sure to use one theme in all pictures and videos.

  • Slideshow:

You heard it right, Slideshows! Just like any other birthday video you see on Instagram. You can work with a maximum of 10 pictures and make an attractive slideshow reflecting your Business or Brand.


You can place your Ads on Instagram Stories as they have better reach than the stories on Snapchat. They are easy to watch, and it is much easier to follow and Ad through Instagram Stories.

  • Photo Ads on Instagram Stories: 

You can place single or multiple pictures while placing Ads on Instagram Stories.

  • Video Ads on Instagram Stories:

Likewise, Ads on Instagram Feed can also put a short video Ad on Instagram story. Make sure it covers the purpose of your Ad.


To expand your Business globally through Instagram, you must have enough followers as the audience for all your marketing posts. There are multiple options to grow your Instagram Followers. It can be the organic way, or you can choose to advertise your services or products on Instagram. Best of all, you can buy Instagram Followers as well! Instagram Ads allow you to target people according to demographics and location. 

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