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Two Popular Google Apps Got Interesting Extensions

Google Apps Extensions

Google is constantly working to improve its user applications and strives to make the user experience better, so Google Drive and Google Voice have recently undergone some changes. In the middle of the week, it was announced that Google Voice was getting interesting extensions related to calls.

New improvements related to the display of numbers, missed calls, and SMS messages have been added to the application.

Detailed Information on the Reasons Why User Didn’t Answer the Call

When displaying numbers, iOS users now have the option to see the Google Voice number as the caller ID when receiving a call associated with the app.

Situations with missed calls on the Google Voice app have received a small upgrade and now the user can get more detailed information on the reasons why he did not answer the call. For example, if the “Do Not Disturb” option has been enabled on the smartphone (for whatever reason – regardless if it was due to the fact user wanted to focus on working on something, spending his free time playing a slot at some of the best Saucify casinos…), the user will receive a notification from the application stating this explanation and give instructions with a note that the selected option should be canceled in the future.

Maneuvring SMS Messages Became Easier

Within Google Voice, it is also easier to redial numbers missed calls of which the user had in case the Wi-Fi connection was the reason for not making a call. In this situation, Google Voice automatically switches the call to the mobile network.

Maneuvring SMS messages has also become easier, so Google Voice allows you to delete more of them at the same time to make communication between users faster and without too much interference.

The Google Drive Application Security Update

With Google Drive, a big change is brought about by its security update, which has been running since September 13th. The new security settings that come with it will apply to file sharing within the service. Google has issued a notice that the new update will change the links for files on Google Drive. If users sent links to individual files in Google Drive before the update, they are unlikely to work after the update. For such files, users will simply need to create new links, although access to them will not change for those users who have previously opened them.

Specific changes relate to the ability to share files via a link. There are currently two sharing options in Google Drive: granting access to a file to a single user (when sharing a document with a specific Google Account) and a “get link” option where everyone is given access via a link. Based on user experience and using analysis, Google has come to the conclusion that sharing links is not secure enough and can be easily guessed. Therefore, the so-called “resource key” extension as an additional form of security was added so that the URL can be shared freely.

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