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Getting Started With GoGoPDF:
GoGoPDF Most Used Functions

An electronic document is the best alternative to the paper-based document. However, the paper-based document is still irreplaceable for many reasons. Learning about how electronic documents work should be of utmost an essential thing to do as it is the leading media we use in our businesses, work, schools, and more.

Hence, every individual trying to learn how electronic documents work should also be introduced to an online PDF converter tool like GoGoPDF. In this article, we will be talking about GoGoPDF and its most used function to help you get started with learning electronic documents.

About GoGoPDF

As we deal with different kinds of formats when using documents. You might find it inconvenient to edit out your documents into other types of documents manually. Hence, why GoGoPDF has several functions to help you with your everyday document needs. The most used functions they offer are to combine PDF, repair PDF, Convert PDF files to another format, and more.

It is a website that helps you do a lot of stuff with your electronic document. The most used document format today is PDF, and that is why GoGoPDF has its name. PDF has always been the go-to choice when it comes to document format for various reasons. An excellent example of that reason is when you use PDF; it allows you to display the original content's exact details, even on different devices.

For that reason, most individuals choose to use PDF as their primary format when dealing with electronic documents. However, using PDF has its edge and drawbacks; for that reason, it is still important to use other formats to fully exploit the potential of every document format available in today's generation.

Suppose you are looking for the most reliable online PDF converter for your PDF files. It would be best if you considered using GoGoPDF to be your primary online PDF converter tool for your everyday use.

Combining PDF

First of all, why do we need to combine PDF files? One of the most common reasons is to have a convenient time when printing your PDF files. You might experience a little inconvenience when having to browse multiple PDF files that you want to print. Hence, putting them all together into one PDF file can make your life easier, and you can also print faster by doing this.

Another reason for combining PDF is for your reader to have convenience while reading. You don't need multiple PDF files if all of them have the same topic. It is a better choice to put them all together so your reader can scan them all at once. However, combining PDF files comes with its drawback. When combining PDF files, the newly transformed PDF file can have a big file size.

If you don't have any idea on how to combine PDF files, you don't have to worry because you can combine your PDF files easily when using the function of GoGoPDF if you are having doubts if you can combine a PDF file because of your not a techie type of person. A well-detailed instruction will be provided for you to have an easy-going experience with GoGoPDF.

Repair PDF

When do we need to repair PDF files? We need to fix a PDF file when our documents are damaged or corrupted. When this happens, we cant access our PDF file or unable to share it online. It is recommended to quickly repair your PDF file if you need to use it in the future. Here is the most common reason why we encounter a damaged or corrupted PDF file.

  • One of the most common reasons we encounter a damaged or corrupted PDF file is storing your document into a storage drive, flash drive, or any storage space that has a virus or malware in it.
  • You were interrupted when downloading your PDF file online. When you get interrupted by downloading your PDF file from an online website, it can cause your document can get damaged or corrupted.
  • Due to hard drive, failure is a common reason to get your PDF file damaged or corrupted. This happens when you encounter an error with your hard drive or when your hard drive becomes faulty.

Remember to keep your PDF files safe from this kind of problem to have a convenient life when using documents online.


Although we are accustomed to using paper-based documents, it is important to keep up with the latest technology. When using electronic documents, we should also be knowledgeable to utilize their advantages fully. Hence, an online PDF converter tool to help you get started in configuring your documents online.

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