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Why You Should Go Premium with iTop VPN

ITop can easily be the best free VPN for Windows devices. You can access its many services free of any charge. One of the lovely things about iTop VPN is that it is easy to use. Furthermore, it is highly flexible and is compatible with many devices.

To unlock more features and functions of this VPN service, you go premium.

Introduction to iTop VPN Premium Plans

This VPN for Windows has three premium packages to choose from. They are the 1-month, 6-month, and 1-year plans. For the 1-month plan, you pay $11.99 a month, billed monthly. For the half-year plan, you part with $6.99 monthly, billed at $41.99 bi-annually.

Finally, we have the one-year package. You pay $2.31 each month to buy into this subscription, billed at $55.44 per year. You also get a free year of using the service, translating to an 80% discount.

After seeing how the plans work, it is time to see why you should subscribe to a preferable one.

Reasonably Priced

One of the perks of going premium with iTop is that the packages have a reasonable cost. They are affordable compared to those of other VPN providers. In addition, the price gets discounted when you opt for more extended packages.

For instance, if you go for the one-year plan, you get an 80% discount, which will support you for an extra year.

Access to Plenty of Servers

When you use the free VPN option, you only access 16 servers. On the other hand, once you buy a plan, you gain access to 1800 plus servers worldwide. In this essence, you can use ITop’s services in different parts of the world.

You also do away with geo-restricted sites, as you can change your device’s location to a preferred area.

Faster Connectivity

Slow connections can be pretty frustrating, especially when you have a large workload with you. ITop premium plans will boost your connectivity speeds up to ten times. Here, you bid goodbye to buffer and lagging networks. Also, you benefit from unlimited data and bandwidth.

Improved Blockage

With the paid VPN service, you enhance the blockage of disturbances like ads, trackers, and malicious programs. You boost the security of your device and browsing data from unauthorized parties.

Browsing Privacy

Privacy is essential when browsing and is one of the reasons why people rely on VPNs. ITop assures you of privacy when using the internet, with minimal chances of your data leaking. Privacy receives a boost from features like the kill switch, which protects your connection when the VPN goes off.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you feel that the services offered are not up to standards, you can request a refund. There are no questions asked; all you have to do is wait for up to 15-days to get the refund.

Closing Remark

ITop is one of the best VPN services that you can get. It has a vast collection of features that you will love once you download it. You may unlock many features by going premium, as seen above.

Get the desired package and up your browsing experience.

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