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Getting Started on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms to grow as a celebrity blogger. Becoming an influencer on this platform is not easy, as the competition in all significant niches is very high and still increasing every day. However, there is enough room for everyone who wants to share something with the online world. So let’s find out how to raise a successful blog on Instagram and not screw it up!


This point is important to mention, because this theme is quite controversial amongst the online community. Many people believe that there is no particular reason to pay for promotion. But purchased stats can be quite a handy instrument if used wisely and for a concrete purpose. First of all, if you decide to buy Instagram likes or followers, make sure that you found a fine trustworthy service to promote your posts. And remember that purchased metrics cannot replace the real audience that comes to you by their own will. Paid services can be used for good reason. For instance, you may want to buy Instagram likes if you need to get a quick boost in your rates, to outrun the competitors, or to attract attention to a certain post. You have to be careful though, as Instagram's policy considers purchasing stats illegal. So go for smaller and more precise amounts, if you need to make a leap forward. Also, keep your growth organic. An account that has 20000 subscribers but lacks likes and comments will look like a fraud not only to users but to Instagram algorithms as well.


If you want to impress people and become an influencer on Instagram, you have to start from your profile. First of all, think of a username. It has to be a representation of you, as well as it must be easy to type and remember. Coming up with a few variants is a good idea, because the number of newly registered users grows every day, and some of them can think of the same name as you. So choose something catchy. 

After you have created your account and chose a name, fill in the information about you. This text will appear at the top of your blog. Place the short description of yourself on there. You can also add some links to your other social media profiles. 

Don’t forget to upload a profile picture. Prefer clean and bright up to shoulder portraits, which will be easier to recognize. This is an important thing to do, because the size of the profile pic that a user can see is very small, so if there’s too much stuff happening on this photo, it will appear as a color blot to a potential viewer. Here are 10 Best Practices You Should Follow in creating your Instagram profile picture.

These are the first steps that will help you to create and maintain your public image on Instagram.


Instagram is all about visual content, so there is no need to wait. Begin filling your page with awesome content immediately! You need to increase the frequency of posting at the beginning of your career, as more photos will attract more viewers who will remain as your followers. Keep in mind a few tips to make your posts better:

  • Do not play around with filters too much. Choose two or three filters of your liking and use them to create a unified look of your profile
  • Prefer using third-party apps for editing your photos. Instagram itself provides a very basic range of tools. It may depend on your niche, though
  • Work on your photography skills. Insta-crowd enjoys colorful and bright content, so you have to put an effort into styling and arranging your ideas. But the result is with it - content, that is showing a certain emotional state, is considered to be more engaging 
  • Get better gear. The least that you should have is a smartphone with a high - quality camera and a tripod. Light tools are optional but it is good to already have them when the inspiration comes
  • Look through Explore tab to see what are the hottest trends on the platform and include the relevant ideas for fresh content to your plans
  • Schedule your posts. Using planners and scheduling apps can spare you some extra free time to spend with your friends and family, or go lurking for new content.


The level of engagement is a vital metric for insta-blogger, so you need the best Instagram growth service. Just like for any other network. Communication is the lever of popularity on social media. So to increase your rates and grow your blog, talk to people. In the beginning, look through other bloggers from your niche and start having friendly chats with their followers in the comment section. The logic is simple - these people are more likely to follow other bloggers from the niche they find interesting. After you gain some audience, continue to interact with people to expand your influence. Reply to the comments, tag other people and use CTA’s in your videos and post descriptions. 

One of the most important things that keeps engagement on the highest level is Instagram Stories. This feature is extremely helpful when you need to connect with your followers. Here are the tips to get the most profit out of Stories:

  • Post often. Every time you upload a story, it will appear at the beginning of your follower’s feed.
  • Include polls, questions, and quizzes to have fun and provoke your viewers to some action 
  • Add location and tag people and products in your Stories to attract new people 
  • Leave links to your website, other social media profiles, or interesting posts. 
  • Repost Stories of other bloggers and user-generated content 


As you can see there is nothing too complicated in getting started with Instagram. But the hardest thing that you will encounter is the necessity to produce high-quality content all the time. There is versatile advice, though. The best strategy to gain influence on Instagram is to be yourself. Stay sincere and honest with your followers, and they will repay you with constant activity and fruitful results.

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