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How to Get Positive Online Reviews?

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Reviews play an important role in the progress of a business. A customer checks for the already present reviews before buying your product online. Negative reviews leave a bad impact, and positive reviews lead your business towards success. While you will have some natural reviews, you still need to know the tips and tricks of increasing your customer approach. This is how to gain positive reviews about your products to attract new customers:

  • Use social platforms to promote your business
  • Start an email campaign
  • Reward the ones who review you
  • Show in-app messages
  • Collect reviews at events
  • Ask people to review you offline
  • Make it easy for customers to review
  • Call your customers to gain a review
  • Ask for reviews on your website.

Use social platforms to promote your business

Social media is the most powerful platform to promote your products and business.Create accounts on different social media apps. When people spend time scrolling down the feed, they can also leave a review. Ask them to just comment down their reviews or simply message you about the products.

Start an email campaign

An email campaign is an excellent way to obtain honest and positive reviews. Use emails to ask your customers to review your products. This tactic is used by international companies like Apple and Nike. This method is inexpensive and convenient.

revExpo can help you send lots of emails at a time and will let you have good reviews in return. People usually do not respond to fancy emails with cheesy graphics, so they send simple emails asking for reviews.

Reward the ones who review you

If you offer good, you receive good. Add offers for the customers who give you positive reviews. For example, offer them a discount on their next purchase. Send them some free gifts with their second purchase if they give you a positive review on the first purchase. Similarly, you can offer many free or discounted services in exchange for reviews. Alternatively you can buy reviews for your product promotion.

Show in-app messages

If you have a software or downloaded the app, then you can ask for a review within the app. Once the customer has used your app multiple times, then pick the right time and use pop up message feature to ask people for review. Usually, customers give a very positive review while they are using the app.

Collect reviews at events

Arrange an event that your customers can easily attend. Ask your customers to give reviews at the event. It takes less of their time but the best of their reviews. You can provide them with a form to fill or use a tablet or laptop to post their reviews. Laptops work best for long reviews that contain all the details of the product, while tablets are good for shorter reviews.

Ask people to review you offline

Sometimes, online reviews are difficult to handle for the people who are not much familiar with the technology and the website system. You can send them pamphlets and forms to fill about your products and gather them later. You can add an offline feature in your app for giving reviews.

Make reviewing easier

The easier method you provide to them, the more reviews you get. Make it easy for people to review your product. Instead of adding multiple pages before asking for a review, take them directly to the reviewing page. If the process is time taking, you will not get customer reviews. Make it short and just to the point.

Ask for reviews on a call

You have the customer’s phone number when they order your product online. Call your customer after two to three days of them receiving the packet. Ask them about your product on call and record it for posting on your website.

Ask for reviews on the website

You can ask your customers to review you when they visit your website for further shopping. revExpo can help you gain this by providing you with the best reviews.

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