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Best Ways to Get Paid for the Surveys

It's really a question to think over why companies would anyone for filling out survey forms.

It really looks ridiculous. Actually, customer feedback really matters the most to the companies to flourish well. It helps them to make more and more money and leads them towards success. With these surveys you can easily make 50 dollars a day.

Steps involved in survey procedures:

  1. Search a company and get signed up with
  2. Make your profile
  3. Grab survey you get notified of
  4. Make your money by getting rewards.

Though reputable survey sites exist that could be beneficial for you but still scammers also persist there that you need to avoid. Some of the common problems that you may get encountered when any scammer has trapped you are that they ask you to pay a membership fee and do not provide any clear statements about whether you will get your payments. Sometimes they ask you to fill out forms to get out your personal information and do not make any standards for privacies. Provide your information to other parties as well.

In order to find reputable survey companies you need to rely upon experienced survey-takers. Some of the good and reputable earning sites are described as below:

  • Swagbucks: makes you earn points via online shopping, watching videos, web searching and filling out survey forms. What you can do is to either redeem your points to the gift cards or make you cash transactions to the PayPal account.
  • My Points: is basically not a survey site but helps you to get your money back if you make shopping via this. By earning points at some stores like Target, Walmart, helps you to earn points. It also let you utilize many coupon codes at stores for online shopping.
  • National consumer panel: working is quite unique. In order to get enrolled you need to allow barcode scanning for the products you use in your mail. After follow-up services you'll earn certain points and ultimately receive gift cards and cash.
  • Harris poll online: Harris poll gives you gift cards for online, mobile or telephone surveys. You may even earn points from the surveys you are not eligible for.
  • Opinion outpost: is another earning site to have gift-cards for many online and mobile surveys. Even you'll earn $10,000 for just signing up for the account. Amazon and iTunes gift cards are its options to earn rewards. Moreover, cash gets paid via PayPal account.
  • Trusted Survey Sites: These survey sites could be utilized and recommended if you live in USA. There are different earning sites for the people living in Canada.
  • SurveyPolice:is responsible to make survey-takers allow to rate their survey sites considering different standards like speed of payment, reliability, quality of the services being provided to the customers and setting up of privacy standards. Information is being utilized to rate and rank different survey sites. It also allows the customers to report and make complaints against any survey sites.
  • Volition: This site ranks different survey sites on the basis of payments and other standards.

While considering rewards for the surveys you get, which include gift cards, cash, pre-paid credit cards and sweepstakes entries. Every choice of rewards has its own good and bad considerations. Let's have an overview of each:

  • Receiving a cash amount via PayPal account is the most common and popular way getting your rewards for surveys completion. You'll have full freedom upon how you utilize that money. Try to use cost free survey sites. Mostly for some sites PayPal charges 2% fees for cash withdrawal. While considering PayPal cash withdrawal it has some of the advantages and disadvantages. Cash being withdrawn can be used in any of the forms you are not bound for any specific store even. There is the issue of losing your money or fake gift cards.While earning payment from PayPal might be a long-term procedure and might charge some fees. But there are other payment options available like credit one cards and more.Moreover, it is not available in less developed countries even if it is still not available in countries like Pakistan.
  • Receiving rewards in the form of gift cards, vouchers have gained some popularity over some time. Gift cards transactions are quite fast, usually being delivered to the customer within 48 hours. There is no issue of any fees charged for redeeming the gift cards. Moreover, there is no involvement of age factors for gift redeeming even kids and teenagers could get them. Some of the problems associated with gift cards are that they could only be spent in a specific store and might be stolen or lost. They are not easy to be utilized and harder to be converted to cash.
  • Pre-paid credit cards were in use in the physical form over a long period of time but in recent years its digital form has gained some popularity. Now a days master cards offer prepaid cards services which would be utilized in the same way as a regular card service might be used. They could be used in any stores where credit cards are acceptable. Usually, it doesn’t take much more time by the survey companies to give rewards using prepaid cards. It becomes difficult to utilize prepaid card services while using multiple online stores. It also involves age factor issue so people under age can't use this service.
  • Sweepstakes draws entries usually come out in different sizes and shapes. You might win any price that is beyond the value of your points. It's really enjoyable to win awards like this. It's a convenient way to win any gift of a worth it value. Besides this it has some cons associated as well. While comparing with sweepstakes your chances of winning might not be so high. If you don’t hunt or win anything the points you’ve earned are of no value. Some of the sites may not receive any winner so you need to make sure to chase for sites who post a winner selection list.

To cut short and long, there is no good or bad option for earning rewards for the online surveys. But it's important to keep an eye over pros and cons associated with every rewards option to receive to go for a better option.

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