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How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos


You can build traffic on your YouTube channel in several ways:

Start with Good content

Traffic is meaningless without quality content. If you do not provide any value to the viewers, you are likely to lose your visitors in the long run. You might have heard the proverb “Quality is King”. So concentrate on this from the very first day and get traffic to your channel that turn out into loyal subscribers.

Leave Comments on other Videos

Leaving constructive comments on other videos not only help to make good relation with the other YouTubers but also help to get traffic-free. Once people find your comment useful, they might be interested in you and your channel.

Posting on high PR forums

Posting on forums help the same way like video commenting. Use your video link in your signature and when you write good posts, solve other people’s problems and give quality suggestions - people will consider you as a pro and will visit your channel through your signature link.


Build an Email List

This is one of the secured and best ways to get traffic to your channel. Those who are experienced internet marketers will advise you to start building an email list from day 1. Generally, when people like your blog or videos they subscribe to your list. On the other hand, it means that you are getting loyal viewers who in turns can be a potential customer when you offer them any product through email.

Get Traffic from Twitter and Facebook

Twitter is a good source to get traffic on your channel with every tweet you make. Start building your followers on twitter and once you have a good amount of followers, you are most likely to have good visitors with every tweet you make. But do not be so aggressive in building followers and making tweets, as you might get a ban. Facebook is also a very good source to get traffic from every post. It is currently the highest traffic source to get more free traffic and also heard positive news from others for receiving traffic from Facebook.

Generate Traffic by Forum Posting

Forum posting is more interesting as you will find a good number of topics and threads to post your comments at the same time. Target few high PR forums to comments and be a regular user and build your reputation there. Don’t promote your video’s links directly in your postings. Instead, add your channel link into your signature with few good words about your channel beside the link which attract people to visit your YouTube channel. Also the more valuable and constructive your comments at forum, the more likely that viewers will fill interest on you and visit your channel.

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