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Searching for Tips to Get More Likes on Your New Instagram Profile? Look No Further!


Instagram is a modern-day social media application that millions around the globe turn to when they wish to connect with those all over the world. Whatever the reason to share on Instagram, everyone aims for one thing: getting as many likes as possible. Getting likes is not all that difficult. All that is needed is careful planning and strategic effort. Here are some tips that will help you do so.

  • Make sure to post high-quality photographs
    Instagram followers will certainly like good quality photographs more than blurred, pixelated or too-dark photos. It is not that unless you are a professional photographer, you cannot get likes. Juts make sure to try your best to get good lighting, using upgraded cameras and making you composition more interesting. Work hard on your posts and you will get more likes!
  • Use interesting and eye-catching captions
    Getting the perfect picture is not enough; you also need an engaging caption to go with it. The more relatable your caption is, the more likely it is that the audience to like or comment on it. Captions that evoke feelings like joy, nostalgia and inspiration are more appealing than those comprised of only one word or one sentence. Since everyone’s audience differs, go through the process of trial and error before finalizing the type of caption your audience best responds to.
  • Use location tags to your posts
    It has been found that geotagged posts are liked more by social media users than those that are not tagged. Instagram users tend to search for location tags to find all content tagged there. By doing so, more people are likely to stumble on your profile and like your posts. So, make your location known!
  • Make sure to use the correct hashtags
    Hashtags play a vital role in making or breaking your social media success. You only get the correct, interested audience is your use the right hashtags. Select those from the 30-targeted hashtags that are relevant to your post so that you can increase engagement and thereby likes on your new profile.
  • Try to convince your followers to “tag a friend”
    If you plan wisely, even as a new profiler with a few followers, you can get many likes. Use a call to action that is sure to compel your audience to tag their friends so that your likes increase. Increase traffic to your post by doing so and wait till your likes skyrocket! And you can automate your follower growth with the best bots for Instagram.

    Use Instagram stories as much as you can
    Recent research has shown Instagram stories to be significant in attracting active users, with 500 million daily users. Stories provide you an opportunity you should certainly avail. Include your post, a swipe up link or tag yourself in your story. By doing so you can broadcast your posts to the largest possible audience, and this will ultimately increase traffic on your profile.


Instagram lets you create a username as well as a profile picture that represents your identity. To make it easier for your friends to find you among 800 million active users, your profile must be unique, which you can do by using Insta DP -

Every Instagram user aims towards the maximum number of likes and largest number of followers and although succeeding in doing so requires skill and strategy, it is not quite difficult after all. All you need is to know the dos and don’ts. Keep in mind the tips mentioned above before posting next time and see your likes increase before your eyes!

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