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What to Do When You Get a Free
Instagram Auto Liker: A Guide

Is the IG liker a good app?

Instagram auto likes are quite the hottest new Instagram feature. You can easily get free likes with the app. However, there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to Instagram auto liker. You should first get your views up on Instagram before you use the app. In addition, it is highly recommended to use the app for only a few weeks before you start becoming impatient to get your free Instagram auto likes.

What to do when you get a free Instagram auto liker?

Sometimes if you are lucky or not, people using special apps called “Ad Accounts” or “Automatic Likes” can see your face and be able to follow your account without you knowing and get the followers. These kinds of people are sharing the account with different names and nobody knows that person in the end.

What to do when you get a free Instagram auto IG liker:

Before you get suspicious that someone may be using the app to like your profile without your approval, do the following.

Acknowledge the account immediately. Since you acknowledged the account, the profile will be able to stay as it is for a week. Once the account has been recognized and the account received the likes, it is over. Try to un-like the account after one week.

What is an IG auto liker?

An Auto Like button is the feature that lets users like any image within seconds. If someone wants to share it on their Instagram profile, they can tap the button and the company will create a button for you and this button can also be used for commenting on the photo. Once you tap the button, the likes will be put to the photos.

Unlike regular likes, these auto like buttons work automatically, meaning that they'll always show up as if they were part of the image.

How to delete the button?

You can keep the button if you want to, but keep in mind that removing the button will simply remove the previous likes.

Why You Need a Free Instagram Auto Liker

Gone are the days when people used to rely on a publicist to be their own publicist. Right now, everything can be handled by anyone who has a phone, and it’s because of the access to the internet. It all started when a company offered to get someone to follow your account for free. As time passed, that was replaced by apps and other kinds of automation. These days, getting someone to like your Instagram account is as easy as holding your phone up in the right position. All you need to do is install one of these free apps.


My free Instagram likes Instagram pages will always require extra marketing to give the complete picture the way most people normally need to look at it. For those who are not in the Instagram marketing game yet; that is all the more reason to sign up! This tutorial is an introduction to the everyday you need to get free Instagram auto likes and learn how you can do it by simply following this guide.

If you really want to promote your brand or a product or even your own Instagram account. Any form of promotion you offer you need the exposure it will bring to your brand.

Well then, it’s time you start seeing an influx of traffic to your Instagram account. But is it possible? Absolutely!

Just follow this step by step guide to get your Instagram auto likes done in a matter of minutes.

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