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Get Followers on Instagram and Other Social Media Marketing Tips During COVID-19

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Everything in 2020 has and is still undergoing a massive change. The reason for this is apparent, the novel coronavirus. The global pandemic isn't over yet. Only a few rules have gotten a bit relaxed so that people can start their work, businesses can operate, and the economy can start running again. Else, there were chances of a massive economic depression. Right now, as the unlock phase is gradually settling down and various organizations are restructuring their employment policies and business strategy, social media marketing reigns supreme. Instagram is one of the most coveted social media platforms for business houses and brands. They are finding ways to leverage Instagram for better marketing and branding building as the world battles COVID-19, awaiting a cure.

You can buy followers on Instagram

Do you want to give your Instagram business account a boost? If yes, then you can buy followers on Instagram. There are expert service providers that allow you to purchase the number of followers you want based on your business requirement. You can purchase anything between 50 to 500 followers at one go and more. However, choose the count smartly, so that the follower increase doesn't appear sudden and unrealistic to other online users who follow your brand.

Instagram marketing strategies

Generally, online users get attracted to Instagram accounts that have an increased follower count. However, that’s not where you should stop. Other social media marketing strategies that you can opt-in for during COVID-19 are:

  • Share product teasers that will allow people to purchase from your website
    Can you sell increased products by merely sharing product teasers on your business Instagram profile? The answer is yes. You can advertise your products on Instagram. And when you are on the correct path, you wouldn’t be annoying your users with these advertisements. However, if you get aggressive and pushier with your advertisements, there might be a drop in your follower count. However, a product teaser post is an excellent move to maximize the audience's curiosity and excitement. It will keep them wondering and ensure an assured engagement. Learn more about web design tactics from Eric Dalius.
  • Opt-in for the free Instagram tools
    Your Instagram business profile isn’t very different from other social media platforms. You can use Insights and take a look at engagement data and impressions. You can crunch down the follower demographics, which comprises the data on the location, gender, age, and the hours they are most active. The free Instagram tools are precious as brand can use it to understand how users connect with the content. Once you have an accurate idea about how users connect with your social media posts, you can better manage your content.
  • You can generate the sponsored ads
    The Instagram ads have become very common today! And are you wondering what’s the best part? It allows you to manage the exact amount you want to spend by creating an ad budget. You can showcase multiple ads and sponsored ads using the carousel feature. It provides brands the capacity for targeting their audience in a new way. Before the sponsored posts, the users who follow your social media account on Instagram can have a look at your images and updates. That is not all! Today, the companies can also promote all their pictures to anyone who caters to their target audience for increasing the reach more than ever.
  • Resort to Instagram Stories
    When you want to create leads, you can create Instagram Stories. Are you new to this feature? If yes, then you need to know that Instagram stories are categorically different as compared to the Instagram posts you make. In fact, the stories have a “slideshow” format. These Stories are live for 24 hours. The good part is you can save it to any device and make use of it at a later point. Instead of getting listed in your main news feed, the Stories appear in a small patch above it. The advantages it brings are unlimited. If you are new to this, it gets showcased atop the follower timelines.

    The advantages of Instagram Stories are immense. If you are new to this, you need to know that the users check the Stories daily.This feature is excellent for brands to share their behind-the-scenes stories and other insider posts. It might not be a very high-quality post, but it counts and leads to user engagement.

When you use Instagram for your social media marketing in a COVID-19 world scenario, you can make the most of your online activities. It allows you to experiment with the content of various kinds. You can use features like rewind video, short video, and live video. There are many interesting Boomerang posts as well that you can do. You have access to tools such as InVideo and Canva that helps to create fantastic videos and images for your regular posts and stories. Use texts and filters to make the posts impressive so that you attract more views, and it enhances your online visibility in a global pandemic market.

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