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How Gaming Headphones Give You the Edge

Gaming Headphones

Gaming as a means of entertainment is growing exponentially. According to a recent report, the gaming industry is the fastest-growing out of the other entertainment industries. As we all know, entertainment without sound is just a barren picture therefore, to enjoy gaming to the fullest you need a gaming headset.

Regardless of if you are a casual gamer or a professional aspiring to crack the upper echelon of competitive esports play, a dedicated gaming headset is a necessity. Due to gaming becoming more and more mainstream, significant progress has been made in the sound department to better portray a real-world spatial sound feel through games.

This advancement and progress in gaming sound warrants the purchase of a good gaming headset but don't just take my word for it. Come up with your evaluation from the following key perks of gaming headphones.

Gaming Headphones Can Recreate 3D Sound

The main perk and the most crucial benefit of gaming headphones is that they can produce 3D surround sound that mimics the real-life hearing ability of us humans. In 3D sound, audio is propagated in a 3D plane and hence enhancing the directionality aspect of the audio.

A sense of directionality and depth is very important in video games especially if you play competitively in which every faint sound can be the deciding factor between a round won or a round lost.

Even if you don't play games competitively, the general feeling that you get when playing games using gaming headphones is surreal. Although every gaming headphone will provide you the sound depth and surround sound charm but for the most exhilarating listening experience, the open-back headphones are the way to go.

Headphones have many kinds and open back is one of them. Long story short these headphones are designed to produce the most natural and clear sound possible. Hence fulfilling our requirement of detailed and true-to-life audio. 

If you fancy getting the best open back headphones for gaming then as a starting point, I want to recommend the Philips SHP9500 to you. This open-back headphone is budget-friendly and allows for easy microphone installation making it a great fit for an entry-level open-back headphone.

Open-back headphones are not a requirement. You can theoretically get any gaming headphone and be done with it but if you are anything like me and want the best product without blowing your wallet then an open-back headphone for gaming is a better choice than traditional gaming headsets.

Gaming Headphones Shield You From Surrounding Disturbance

Most gaming headphones without mic are designed in a way to isolate you from the surroundings. This is done so that you can focus on the game or the task at hand without getting disturbed by what is happening around you.

Gaming headphones use dense and high-quality foam and other materials that do not allow the sound from the surroundings to penetrate the earcup capsule. The use of such materials coupled with the fact that gaming headphones generally create a firm seal around your ear results in total sound isolation from the outside surroundings.

We can go all day long on whether this aspect of the gaming headphone is healthy for daily consumption, but the fact of the matter is by allowing you to only focus on the game you are playing results in improved gameplay. The immersion factor of a gamer also increases hence facilitating him to game for longer periods.

Gaming Headphone Facilitate Communication

One of the most underrated yet most useful perk of gaming headphones is that they come with a microphone. Well, not all but most gaming headphones do indeed come with built-in microphones.

Communication is one of the fundamental aspects of gaming. It does not matter if you are communicating with your friends or with a random stranger that you have just found, proper communication can win you matches.

This especially holds true if you are playing a team-oriented game where all players have to execute their part to win the match. Having a built-in microphone in a gaming headphone not only saves your money by not having to buy an external microphone but in a way also improves your gaming experience.

This is because communication with your friends or teammates allows you to win more matches or rounds. While doing that you also get to meet more people and in the process end by making new friends.


With all the key perks of gaming, headphones explained it is time to wrap up the article. To conclude, all I would like to say is that despite being expensive and brimming with unnecessary features, gaming headphones do come in clutch for playing games.

Gaming headphones are made to elevate your gaming experience and hence provide a one-stop solution for all your gaming needs. Everything you want and need for gaming from an audio perspective is covered here hence making gaming headphones a worthwhile purchase. To answer the question asked earlier, good gaming headphones can indeed give you an edge over others when gaming.

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