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Funny Ways to Answer the Phone

How many times have you answered the phone with a standard, "Hello?"

Despite the wide availability of caller id (and knowing very well who's on the other end of the line), it's still common practice for people to play it safe and repeat tendencies of old.

But why?

With a plethora of creative and surprising ways to answer the phone available, why not push the limits and swing for the fences? Exploring funny ways to answer the phone is a great opportunity to amp up your next conversation before it even begins.

50 Funny (& Favorite) Ways to Answer the Phone - Sneak Peek

1) 911, what's your emergency?

As children, we are always taught to only dial 911 in an emergency (which is extremely important!). However, in this instance, what you would do if you thought you accidentally called 911 by mistake? There's an inevitable amount of surprise/panic that is likely to ensue, followed by a great deal of relief upon realizing it was just a joke.

When used in moderation, this can create a fun rollercoaster of emotions that both parties can laugh about (while simultaneously promoting a light and casual mood the rest of the way). 

2) Sing a random song

Instead of simply saying hi, try answering the phone with a song. You can even take this one step further by choosing a song that’s a duet to see if the caller will join in on the fun. Regardless of the response, the song you’ve selected should be sure to lead to some funny conversations.

3) Emphatic laughing

When you answer the call, don’t say anything right away. Just burst into laughter. Your friends and family will be sure to ask what’s so funny, which is your queue to steer the conversation in whatever impromptu direction you see fit.

4) I thought I was the only survivor

Considering apocalyptic tv shows are a dime a dozen these days, why not pretend you thought you were the last person on earth? When someone calls, you can act unbelievably enthusiastic to simply hear another voice (for the first time in weeks, months, years?)

5) Try a voice changer (or simply an accent!)

Talk about a blast from the past; why not use a voice changer to adjust your voice? Voice changer applications are widely available on the iphone app store or android google play, so test out some free ones and have fun sounding like a totally different person. Whoever is on the other end of the call is sure to be confused, and depending on the voice used, this opens the door to some fun back and forth conversations.


As mentioned above, this was just a little sneak peek at some of the fun and interesting ways you can possibly answer your next phone call. If interested in reading the full article, head on over to

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