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Free Paint by Numbers Games for Relaxation and Creativity

Paint by numbers has exploded in popularity in recent years as a fun, relaxing hobby for both kids and adults. The simple concept allows anyone to recreate beautiful works of art, even without artistic talent. All you need to do is match numbered colors to a corresponding grid. As you fill in the shapes, a gorgeous landscape, animal portrait or other intricate design emerges on your page or screen. It provides a feeling of accomplishment along with the meditative benefits of coloring.

In today's high-stress world, people are constantly seeking out new ways to unwind. That's one reason paint by number apps and websites have become so widespread. They offer an easily accessible creativity outlet and a mindful distraction from digital overload. There's also appeal in disconnecting from screens to work with physical materials. Many find the tactile experience of painting by numbers on canvas more satisfying.

Best of all, you can enjoy these creative activities completely free. Numerous high-quality paint by number apps don't cost a penny to download. Before investing any money on kits or custom designs, check out these top-rated free games. Here are the best free paint by number games to play right now to de-stress and express your inner artist!

World's Greatest Places Mosaics 2

This paint by number app features stunning mosaics of famous world landmarks and scenery. Recreate detailed images like Egyptian pyramids, Paris cityscapes, tropical beaches, and more. With over 100 mosaic paintings included, you'll never run out of inspiring masterpieces to assemble. The numbered grid format makes it easy to match the correct colors and build your own gallery of iconic locations. Download it for free on iOS and Android devices.

Pixel Art 5 

Pixel art is a modern twist on paint by numbers using small 'pixels' instead of brush strokes. This app offers a range of cute, retro-style pixel paintings to recreate. Animals, nature scenes, video game characters and more are translated into colorful geometric blocks on a numbered grid. Pixel art appeals to kids and adults who want to make pop culture fan art or just appreciate this minimalist art style. Available 100% free on Android and Apple.

Polygon Art 4

Similar to pixel art, polygon designs use geometric shapes in colorful abstract creations. This app gives you access to unlimited polygon artwork spanning categories like animals, mandalas, portraits and landscapes. Customize your designs with a wide palette of colors. Polygon art makes a fun tactile experience, especially on a tablet where you can use your fingers. This app is free for Android and iOS.

Paint by Numbers 4 

A classic paint by numbers app with a huge catalogue of artwork covering nature, architecture, people, animals and more. Many designs feature pop culture figures from Disney, Pixar, comic books and video games. Advanced numbered layers allow you to paint backgrounds first for a greater sense of depth and dimension. This highly rated app is free on the App Store and Google Play.

Modern Art 2

Recreate contemporary abstract paintings in a range of styles including cubism, impressionism, pop art and more. Modern art paint by number kits are great for beginners of all ages to grasp fundamental concepts like color theory, shape and perspective without the challenges of observational drawing. This app offers a rotating collection of original modern art canvases to fill in. Download Modern Art 2 for free.

World's Greatest Cities Mosaics 2

In this app, iconic cityscapes become mosaic masterpieces. Recreate instantly recognizable landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, London Bridge, the Parthenon and more using numbered mosaic tiles. With over 100 paintings to complete, you'll travel the world from your screen. This paint by number app is free on iOS and Android mobile devices. 

Paint by Numbers 3

With a focus on animals and nature, this app offers paint by number pages featuring wildlife scenes, pets, plants and environments. It uses thicker numbered shapes rather than single pixel points, providing a more painterly effect. Young kids will especially appreciate the cute designs. Get this app 100% free from the App Store or Google Play.


Paint by number apps provide an accessible creative outlet for anyone to enjoy. They allow you to make beautiful artwork and flex your artistic muscles without needing talent or experience. As you fill in the numbered shapes and colors, you can feel a sense of accomplishment as a stunning landscape, animal portrait or abstract design emerges. It's a calming, meditative activity that also stimulates your mind.

The best part is you can find plenty of high quality paint by number apps 100% free. Options like Pixel Art, Polygon Art, Paint by Numbers, and Modern Art give you endless designs to recreate. Relax by painting whimsical pixel landscapes, intricate geometric patterns, colorful abstract paintings, and more. Other apps feature famous world landmarks, cute animals, plants, pop culture characters, and other fun themes. With hundreds of images available across these free apps, you'll never run out of artwork to recreate.

Paint by numbers serves as a healthy outlet to reduce anxiety and unwind. The simple, methodical process of matching colors and filling in shapes is innately soothing. Feel your stress and worries fade away as you focus on bringing the artwork to life one numbered section at a time. It engages your brain just enough to provide a distraction, without being overly demanding. You can paint while listening to music or a podcast for maximum relaxation.

In addition to digital paint by number apps, many people enjoy using physical kits on canvas or paper. The tactile experience can be more fulfilling and disconnects you from screens. However, apps provide benefits like portability, undo buttons, and endless options. Try out both formats to see what you prefer. The possibilities are endless when you tap into the world of paint by numbers!

Whatever your age or artistic background, paint by number activities offer guided creativity for all. Relax, have fun, and maybe discover your inner artist. With the range of free apps available, it's easier than ever to incorporate paint by number games into your leisure time!

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