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Top Free Online LCM Calculators You May
Use on Your Daily Work Routine

Online LCM Calculators

The history of mathematics can be seen as very interesting and ever-increasing with much more complexities.

While calculating any equation, there are numerous solutions for it. But before talking about the solution, here we discuss the problem.

Let’s two persons are going to purchase the items in bulk from a grocery store. There they have selected different items of varied categories.

After purchasing the items, they have to divide the bill among them and find out the number of items they have bought in common.

Here they can use an LCM formula to simply figure out the common items. They can sort out this problem by using the fractional formulae.

But this can be very complex for them while they are using this technique. For this, numerous calculators are introduced.

These calculators can help to take the LCM and find out the least value of any figure.

Before going deep, let’s talk about LCM.

What is LCM?

The term LCM stands for “least common multiple”. That means one has to find the least number from the whole equation.

It is the smallest integer number that can be divided by two or more integral at the same time.

The figure in the LCM is shown as LCM (x, y). But taking LCM manually is a little complex.

If someone is taking LCM of many figures, he may get confused or shuffle all the entries at once.

This can be time taking and demands effort from the users. To avoid this complication, one can use an LCM calculator.

So, let's have a little bit of discussion on the LCM calculators that how they can help to decrease the workload and complexity.

What is the LCM calculator and how does it work?

To calculate the large values with ease and without any hurdle, one can use an LCM calculator to make the work faster.

An LCM calculator helps to take the LCM of any figure and taking out the smallest integer from there.

The working of this calculator is quite simple and easy. A user just has to enter the values in the calculator.

The calculator will instantly calculate the values from it and take out the least value from the whole equation.

Here we will explain the use of this calculator that how it works and how one can use it easily.

  • At the start, the user will see the input box where he has to enter the values
  • Make sure you are using the comma in between the values to place them separately.
  • After entering all the values, press the calculate button.
  • It will give you the least common factor from the given values.
  • After calculating the values, press the reset button so you can again calculate the values using the same method.

There are number of methods for it but one can use the brute force method and prime factorization method to calculate the values easily.

What is the brute force method?

This is the most common and primitive method to take the LCM value. This method is only used when the values entered for calculation are small.

This method is best for those small values as it lists out the multiples of each until one finds every multiple values that are common for all.

What is the prime factorization method?

The other most effective method to calculate the LCM of any positive integer is to use the prime factorization method.

This method gathers all the values and generates the original value from them after multiplying them all.

It gets the LCM of values by multiplying each primary number with the other one and get the least value.

Top LCM calculators

In daily work routines, many people have to use calculators that can help them to figure out the least value.

For this purpose, many LCM calculators are introduced till now. Here we will discuss the top calculators.

These calculators are among the best due to the user interphase and other features.


These calculators are among the top due to their extraordinary features. Here we will discuss them in detail.

This calculator is the first choice to calculate the LCM value. This calculator provides the results step by step.

A user can get to know that how he is generating the results by following the results.

Besides this one can also export his data from this calculator. One can generate a file of his data by using this calculator.

Online LCM Calculators

This calculator also provides the division table at the end that helps to understand that how the LCM is generated.

One can also use the brute force method and prime factorization method to get the result faster.

If someone is new to these terms, this calculator helps him to understand the terms while using its additional features.


This is another free calculator that can help the user to generate the LCM values of two numbers.

A user has to put the values in the given box. Put the first value in the upper box and the other value in the second box.

Online LCM Calculators

After putting the value, the user has to click the calculate button and it will generate the results instantly.

If the user has more than two values, he can take the LCM by using the other calculator provided.

Online LCM Calculators

It can help to generate the LCM of more than 2 values instantly. After taking the result, one can simply reset the calculator to use it again.


This one is also among the top LCM calculators that can help the users to take the values in no time.

This calculator is best due to its features. While generating the results, one can take the guide from this calculator as it solves the problem step by step.

After providing the result it also gives the user different methods through which the LCM has been taken.

Online LCM Calculators

This thing makes the calculator unique from the others as every free calculator doesn’t provide this facility.

This calculator facilitates the users for free and they can avail themselves of every feature of it without any cost.

Final words

LCM is a very common term in math and it takes time to solve this problem. To avoid this wastage of time one can use the LCM calculators.

These calculators are quite helpful in terms of calculating the values and taking the least common multiple.

They can help to save the time and efforts of the users and provides the result in steps so the user can understand that how the problem is solved.

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