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Flutter vs. React Native - What Should You Choose and Why

Ever been caught between great and wonderful? Well, that's how tough it is to choose between Flutter and React Native. Both are cross-platform mobile frameworks, but there are nuances of difference between the two. Understanding the similarities and differences can help in choosing the right framework quickly. However, consulting a React Native or flutter app development company can help you safely walk through the deep waters and dive into it with all potential, making the experience extraordinary.

Both are compiled with potential functionalities, robust user communities, and pre-programmed modules. However, understanding the differences can help decide whether you are looking for an app for healthcare, Finance, transportation & logistics, Real Estate, Insurance, etc.

Flutter vs. React Native - What Should You Choose and Why


Developed by Google in 2017, Flutter is a developer-friendly open-source framework that enables smooth and easy hybrid app development. Here are some features of Flutter:

  • Hot Reload
  • Customizable Widget Technology
  • Rich Libraries
  • Reduced Code Development Time
  • Increased Time-to-Market Speed ·

React Native

Facebook in 2015 developed React Native allows developers to use React and JavaScript and many native platform abilities to build mobile apps.

  • Highly Reliable,
  • Open-Source Framework
  • Hot Reload
  • Platform-Specific Code
  • Dozens of Plug-and-Play Program Modules

This was a quick overview of the respective technologies; now, let's dig deeper into the technology comparison.


User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-users interaction with the company, its services, and its products. Thus, differentiating each of these on this aspect is how the comparison should begin with. React Native is known for the best user experience, whereas Flutter Looks & feels just like a Native App.


Code once, run anywhere - that's how Flutter works. In React Native, you need Native app development requires a separate code base for Android and iPhone and frequently needs two different software developers to perform the job – one for iOS and one for Android.

Programming Language

Dart is the programming language of Flutter, and JavaScript is for React Native framework. Dart is faster to run than React Native. However, its object-oriented concepts are tricky. However, Java's pre-built modules keep it in the race against all the odds.

Development costs

When deciding between React Native and Flutter, this might be a significant factor to consider. React Native has separate development for each platform, whereas, in Flutter, a one-time development cost is enough because of the reusability.

Deployment Ease

React Native takes longer to create and deploy in comparison to Flutter. While Flutter is quicker than the Native app, both require verification from the app store.


Updates are carried out manually both in Flutter and React Native.

DevOps Support

React Native has enormous third-party libraries, whereas Flutter lacks community support. Thus, React Native has a clear edge over Flutter regarding DevOps support.


Flutter and Reach Native can be shared via the app store only. You can only consult app experts or Flutter and React js development company and drive your digital transformation journey more efficiently.

Offline Mode

This is another factor to consider to keep in mind while choosing between the two technologies. Both are known to work seamlessly in offline mode.

There is no better framework. Each framework is different and unique, and the choice greatly relies upon the project and the business needs. Both have pros and cons; each can be discussed and sorted out in collaboration with a group of Tech consultants and experts.

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