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How to Fix Firestick Buffering Issues

Is your Firestick device buffering a lot? Are you facing buffering issues while streaming your favorite movies or TV shows on Firestick? If the answer is Yes, don't worry, today I'll help you out in solving the Firestick buffering issues. 

It is quite a common problem that every Firestick user faces when their Firestick device gets a year old or so. Talking about my own experience, I am a Firestick user for the last 3 years and I know buffering is a very common issue that every Firestick user has to face at least once. 

When I noticed buffering issues on my own Firestick device I became hell nervous because I used to keep my Firestick very clean, I never installed any third-party app or never jailbroken it but still, my Firestick was buffering while watching movies or live sports.

But then I tried some ways and after that, I never faced any buffering issues, so if you want to solve buffering problems on your own Firestick then below are some recommended ways that I have tested personally and it works like a charm for me and I hope the same for you. But before we begin, let's see why Firestick buffers in the first place. 

Why Firestick device keep buffering?

The main and major possible reason why your Firestick is buffering is because of your slow internet connection. If you are using a slow internet connection on your Firestick then it will buffer definitely. You should have at least a 10MBPS internet connection to streaming HD videos on Firestick. 

Another reason why your Firestick is buffering is because of low RAM, we all know Firestick comes with a limited RAM and you can not expand it, right. So, I highly recommend you to not bombard your Firestick with lots of apps. Most of the time Firestick users installed so many apps on their Firestick device and then their Firestick starts to buffer. 

Now above were the two most common reasons why your Firestick device is buffering but there are some other factors also that may result in buffering Firestick problem, we will discuss other factors later on, for now let's jump to the available ways to avoid buffering issue on Firestick. 

Ways to fix Firestick buffering problems

Restart your Firestick

I highly suggest you reboot your Firestick device if you are facing a buffering problem. Restarting the Firestick will close all the apps that are running in the background and give your Firestick a quick start. It is very easy to restart your Firestick device simply go to Firestick's Settings >> My fire TV >> Restart. 

After restarting your Firestick you will definitely feel the change in the performance. 

Connect to different Wi-Fi

As I already stated above, a slow internet connection is the most common reason why your Firestick is buffering. So, if you have any other Wi-Fi at your home or office then try changing the Wi-fi. After connecting to a different Wi-Fi connection then you will definitely notice the change and if the problem is still there then I suggest you increase the signal of your Wi-Fi by keeping the router near to your Firestick device. 

Turn off background apps

What happens most of the time when you use an app on Firestick and close it then there are high chances that the app will keep running in the background and it will eat your RAM and that will result in making your Firestick device slower than before. So, I suggest you turn off all the apps that are running in the background. If you don't know how to do it then let me tell you, Go to Settings >> Applications >> Manage Installed Applications >> Turn of all the apps that you are not using. 

Keep your Firestick up to date

I have seen in most of the cases that people don't really care about the updates that rolled out for Firestick. Usually, people ignore them but It is a very bad thing to do, every update of Firestick comes with more features and bug fixes and everyone has to keep their Firestick up to date. So, if you also think that your Firestick is not up to date then you update it by Settings >> My Fire TV >> About >> Install Update.

While updating your Firestick device will reboot several times and the process will take 10-15 minutes. 


I hope I made all your doubts cleared and if you found the above ways effective then do tell me by dropping a comment below. And if you are facing any other issues related to your fire TV, Roku, or Android TV then you can also tell me about that I will help you out definitely. 

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