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Expert Tips for Freelance Web Designers to Find Designing Projects on Instagram


By Karen Anthony

You may be a specialist in your chosen field or even a skilled worker, who assists business owners in scaling their business but whatever your profession, freelancing could be an effective way of leveraging your skills. However, freelancing could be a huge challenge particularly, for a newbie web designer. It could really be a challenging task to attract the attention of the right people, impress them and finally, get design projects. You should be constantly looking for opportunities to reach out, effectively networking, and seriously seeking web design assignments. As a web designer, you are lucky to be on Instagram which is a proven platform for showcasing your talent and creativity. You must dedicate your efforts toward taking the fullest advantage of this vibrant and versatile platform.

You Need To Focus On Building Credibility

You must treat your Instagram profile very much as a professional interface. If you are on Instagram to grab the attention of your target audience and potential audience, you must ensure that your Instagram profile is actually ‘show-ready’. Your Instagram for Business account must exude professionalism and proficiency.

Your profile must essentially look credible. You must use the name and logo of your freelance web design organization on your Instagram account too. Consider including links to your website or portfolio in the Instagram account’s bio. Moreover, you must provide relevant contact information. Remember your profile is like a window to your soul. Instagrammers would be judging you by your profile first rather than by your web design proficiency or projects.

You must seem like a real individual and not someone with a fake profile. You must use a high-quality relevant profile picture; write a bio that would express clearly what kind of a person you are and precisely what you do. Use pictures that demonstrate that you are a fine web designer. Try to interact with your community and stay in constant touch with some other professional web designers.

Your profile must look credible and genuine. Only then people would trust you and your business. You may consider buying real Instagram followers to effectively instill a touch of credibility and authenticity to your web design brand.

You Must Consider Sharing Your Work

Web developers and designers would be having a gala time on Instagram as they are having visual products or services which could easily be showcased on this powerful and robust social media platform. Web designers could share their portfolio and design ideas. They could share stunning pictures as samples of their previous web design projects. You must devote your attention to sharing project updates on Instagram for showcasing your work ethic.

You Must Remember to Reward Your Followers

Whether you’re looking to connect with more potential clients, sponsors, fans, or users, you definitely have that chance through the use of Instagram and the development of a successful and reputable profile. To do this, you must consider rewarding your followers. If you want that your followers would be sticking around, it is your responsibility to make it really worth their while. You could seriously consider rewarding your followers by simply providing them with exclusive content, freebies, or discounts on special occasions.


Instagram should be your first choice whenever you are thinking in terms of a platform with path-breaking ways of finding new clients. By embracing Instagram for Business, you could have easy access to a whole new audience for you to connect and broaden your reach. This is the right time for you to make the fullest use of this versatile marketing platform because even today several freelance web designers are not treating Instagram as an effective lead generation platform. This is your opportunity to stay way ahead of the competition and identify those dream clients.

Author Bio:
Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.

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