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How to Find the Best Phone Plan for Me

Best Phone Plan

We all have cellphones these days. It’s not like the old days where we just used them to make phone calls. We use our phones to connect via calls and texts of course, but also: as our entertainment on a flight or during a workout, as our life-line to work emails, our boombox, a way to connect with friends across the country via social media, our to do lists … and so much more. Since we use our phones so much, shouldn’t we do our best to find the best plan for our families and our wallets? With so many companies out there it can be tedious and difficult to compare att unlimited plans with verizon and t-mobile. When looking for a new plan here are some of the top things you should consider:

About more than Price

This is the easiest way to compare plans. However, price alone cannot tell you what plan you should buy. The cheapest plan is not always the best option for you and your family. Saving money is important; but, in choosing a cheaper plan you could be sacrificing coverage, data, or perks. All of which could save you money in the long run. Before making a final decision take a little time and really compare options for more than just their price tag


It’s easy to find who has the best coverage nationwide; but, make sure to check what the coverage for various companies are in your region. It’s so frustrating to choose a new phone plan only to find that, for some reason, you have limited coverage at the gym you go to or in the parking lot of your office building. Before choosing a plan check in with friends and family. Ask which phone plans they use and if they have any coverage issues about town. While there is no easy app that allows you to compare coverage in your area side by side, talking with family and looking up local coverage maps by carrier you can find the service with the right coverage for where you live.

Data Use

Take a look at the phone plan you currently have. How much data are you using monthly? Choosing a plan hoping to save only to find that you have to pay for the extra data would be a huge bummer. Take a few minutes and look over how much data you and your family are using. If you use less you can choose a lower data plan to save a little money. However, if you are constantly going over your plans data limits the bill is sure to increase. In that case it would be better to choose a plan with a slightly higher price tag that won’t inflate based on all your scrolling, gaming, or streaming. Knowing how much data you and your family typically use will allow you to make the tough choice between an unlimited plan and a by-the-gig plan.


Another thing to consider is additional perks offered by certain phone plans. For example, if your phone needs an upgrade, choosing a certain plan may include a new phone which can help you save. Different companies also may include the benefit of a free six months to a year of various streaming platforms including: Hulu, Disney +, Apple TV, or Netflix. If you stream entertainment constantly, being able to skip the cost of that subscription every month could be a game changer. Plans may also include arcade features, subscriptions for music and much more. It’s definitely worth looking into and may impact the way you view a plan’s price tag.


Once you’ve made your choice for a certain company based on price, coverage, data, and perks make sure you compare the various tiers they offer. Take a moment or two to consider which level best suits the needs of you and your family. The price tag may be higher but the higher tiers usually are the ones that offer the most benefits in terms of streaming perks. If that’s something you’re looking for, check and see if the perks balance out your monthly budget in different ways which allow for the higher price. If you use your phone a lot for getting work done on the go be sure to make sure whatever tier you choose offers the correct amount of data to ensure you don’t go over your limit. Also, higher tiers tend to allow for better hotspot connections. That may make your life a lot easier if you commonly work on your commute or without access to wifi. Take a look at the same things that helped you choose the company to choose the tier within that company that’s perfect for you.

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