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Best Ways to Gain Massive Following and Traffic to the Fashion Site Through Your Instagram Account

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By Karen Anthony

Instagram is now known to have over one billion users, and the number seems to go way up in the sky. It comes with some sky-high user engagement levels right now. With the help of around 80% of accounts following a proficient business on Instagram, it might seem to be like marketers are keener than ever just to get acquainted with IG for the businesses.

Lately, you might have shared, liked and tried some of the new ways to just grow the IG account and it has been quite fun till now. As IG is a platform that you are keen to focus on, it is always a great idea to just research some of the ways for growing the sector. You are always advised to buy real Instagram likes only when you have this as your last resort. But, if you can follow the norms well, you don’t have to think about that much and get the job done for sure.

Whether you are planning to grow your very own personal account or just working hard on behalf of a firm, you should read out some of the best tactics coming with tools and examples to help you grow bigger and better with more relevant audiences on Instagram...

You have to post at a consistent rate:

It is always mandatory for you to post on a constant rate, at least once daily. The visual marketing tool has studied out over 100K profiles on IG in 2017 to understand how frequent posting can help in affecting Instagram growth and further the engagement rate. It was found out that the often you are likely to post, the more followers and likes you are about to get over here for sure.

  • As per the study made, the profiles that are posting around 7 times or more a week are subject to get more likes and gains by addressing more followers than those, which are not posting quite often.
  • The major takeaway over here is to post constantly. Brands, which are widely in a regular flow with the IG posts, are here to see some great results for sure.
  • With the help of the algorithmic timeline, consistency is subject to feel more like a key element for getting the posts seen well and then appearing right at top of the timeline.
  • If the posts you are planning to share are on regular basis and also picking up some of the good engagement, then the hunch is that the algorithm might place posts bear top of the feeds of followers.

Try to head towards videos, live videos and stories:

Even though Instagram started to be a photo sharing network, it has grown beyond being just photos. With some of the features like live videos, videos and even stories, brands can also create some of the major types of content to just engage fans and then growing the following at the same time.

  • There are some of the compelling reasons for you to post these new contents. The average engagement for the videos is subject to grow faster than any of the average engagements meant for the images.
  • Whenever you are planning to go live on IG, chances are high that you will be appearing right at front of the Stories feed over here for sure.
  • It is true for you to know that more than 400 million people these days are currently using the IG stories. They are doing so on a daily basis, and you can try to be one of them.
  • Around 57% of the brands are known to believe that stories have been very effective or somewhat effective as major part of their current social media strategy.

Time to study and then using quality hash tags:

You might have explored hash tags quite a lot on blog but it might seem that nowhere on the present social media are they famous like that on IG. Proper hash tags and even the location tags are used for exposing the image to larger and even targeted audience. On the other hand, the IG users will not seem to get the hash tag fatigue in right way that might work on some of the other networks. Mainly because of the popularity, it is now possible to follow hash tag these days on Instagram!

  • Simply Measured has done its two studies and came up with the result that IG posts with both the location tag and hash tags are known to get the highest possible average engagement. In some other words, hash tags might be the best bet possible for just growing the fast following on IG.
  • While IG might allow you for a maximum of 30 hash tags on every post, TrackMaven found that around 9 hash tags seem to be the right number for procuring maximum engagement.
  • With the help of some of the free IG tools like Focalmark, Display Purpose and AutoHash, you might get relevant and quality hash tags for the IG posts. For example, with the help of the tool, you can just type right in few words about image you are planning to post and the tool will recommend the best hash tags you can use with the post.

You have to work on user-generated content:

You can easily grow your present IG following by around 400% this year by creating some of the user generated content now. A larger percentage of this growth was mainly the result of you embracing and then sharing some of the user generated contents over here now. The easiest way to think about this task is by focusing towards the brands taking best user content from around web and featuring it on own social media or other platforms, while trying to give credit to original creator or the user.

Try to focus on these major steps and strategies and you might gain massive following to the fashion site. It can be done with the help of your IG account.

According to Karen Anthony, you need to buy real Instagram likes only when that is your last resort. It helps to first utilize the best options described above.

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