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How Do Farmers Modernize Their
Marketing System With QR Codes?

QR Codes

As farming is one of the industries that modernize their marketing means to catch up with the demands for the agricultural goods they produce every season, the hunt for looking the right technological tool to modernizing their processes intensifies.

And with their search, farmers end up integrating the use of various technological tools to modernize their agricultural marketing systems like crop tagging technology like RFID, barcode system, and more, and word processing tools like Google Sheets, Docs to keep a record of their crop they harvest and sell for the season.

By choosing the right technology to integrate, its availability and affordability become the significant factors they consider when selecting. Starting with the crop tagging technology, the QR code technology becomes one of the highly recommended techs for farmers with small enterprising rates.

Since the QR code technology continues to evolve due to the various industries' demand to combat the restrictions the COVID-19 pandemic gives to them, the agricultural industry in countries like England, Vietnam, and Italy also integrate the use of QR codes to upgrade their agricultural marketing means.

Ways of how farmers can market their agricultural products through the use of QR codes?

Through the use of an advanced QR code generator online, farmers that market their produce can simplify their marketing means by following these useful QR code marketing ways.

Share your about the product file via QR code

As giving people a file to learn more about the produce products they market is one of the marketing techniques most established farming companies integrate, local farming groups can easily share their guides to their buyers by converting these files into a QR code and place them in their promotional posters, flyers, and product packaging.

In this way, they can conveniently have a copy of the file by just scanning one and learn more about it.

Direct your target audience to an online registration site for farm tours

If you are one of the farming groups that advocates for their customers to take a look at their farm and experience a part of their production means, you can also integrate the use of QR codes as a portal for their online farm visit registration.

By placing a QR code for registration in their online and offline platforms, people who are interested to visit their farm will only have to scan their QR code to go to their online registration site and book an appointment there.

Gather more social media followers with just a scan

Since social media is one of the most powerful marketing channels where companies can gather more customers today, local farming groups can integrate the use of QR codes to gather more social media followers and increase their exposure online.

By incorporating the use of it, they can easily create an easy way for people to follow their social media platforms by simply letting them scan the QR codes they place in their product packaging and marketing materials and view the boxes with the social media networks they are active.

Lead people to an interactive landing page

To let people experience the magic of farming even in the virtual world, small farming groups can create a lightweight online farming game and integrate it into a QR code. In this way, they can easily place your game in both offline and online channels to let more people try it and be acquainted with their brand, and try out the produce they sell for their real-life farming means.


Since the agricultural industry is one of the industries that also tap on the use of modern technological tools to futurize their produce marketing means, QR codes enable them to maximize their advertising techniques without going over their marketing budgets.

As sustainability in terms of the products they produce, market and sell is important for farmers, they can integrate the use of an online QR code generator with logo to create their QR codes and improve their agricultural marketing means with it.

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