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Everything to Know About Embedded Solutions

A computer is developed in such a way to do multiple functions at the same time. It creates a perfect combo when a computer has a screen, a keyboard, and a computer is connected to a strong internet connection.

You must have listened about embedded systems or embedded solutions. An embedded solution is a device usually a non-computer device that is integrated with microprocessors to perform particular functions and integrated software depending upon microcontrollers. These two components are designed for a particular function or some limited functions. In embedded systems, there might or might not be a keyboard and a screen.

Significant features of embedded solutions

Some of the most significant features of embedded solutions are listed below.

  • It can help to complete several particular functions at the same time on a single purpose device.
  • Functions are completed in a certain time limit.
  • Embedded solutions are based on microcontrollers and microprocessors.
  • They might require certain operating systems for their functioning. Sometimes, functioning does not require operating systems. 
  • It requires real-time operating systems or RTOS.
  • It might consist of a keyboard or screen, connectivity, or user interface.
  • It can even work with limited computing resources, power, and memory.
  • External factors such as humidity, temperature, and other environmental factors are also considered when an embedded system is created.

Components of an embedded solution

Some of the most significant components of an embedded system are hardware, software, and operating system. A well developed embedded system has three components that are described below.

1. Hardware

Hardware is the first component of an embedded solution. The hardware consists of a few other components. The components of hardware are listed below.

  • Hardware has some features, buttons and actions to control the users.
  • A ROM or RAM.
  • The display is regarded as a place for interaction with the users.
  • A power supply as an effective way to get the system charged is also a component of an embedded solution. The power supply can be a battery or a power outlet.
  • Some of the embedded solutions are effective in measuring time with timers. Some of the most commonly used embedded solutions such as smart home system is capable of automatic detection and turning off the lights after 5 minutes of inactivity in the room. 
  • There are some communication ports used in embedded solutions. The USB port is one of these ports. Several other communication ways are also used that are listed below.
    • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
    • Inter-integrated circuit I2C
    • Controller Area Network
    • SAE J1587/J1708
    • Universal Serial Bus or USB
    • Universal Asynchronous Receiver/ Transmitter or UART
    • Firewire

2. Software

Embedded solutions have developed software that helps create a machine using several codes and particular programming languages such as C++ or C.

3. Embedded operating system 

Some embedded solutions do not require operating systems. In case when an embedded solution requires an operating system, it is more likely a Real-Time Operating System or RTOS.


These are some of the most significant things that people need to know about embedded solutions. It would be best if you chose the right embedded solutions to have a good and reliable experience.

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