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How to Grow Your Business with Email Marketing Automation


Establishing and growing your business requires consistent efforts and strategies. If you want to attract your customers to your website and turn them into potential leads, email marketing automationis still regarded as the best way. It lets you connect with your audience personally and bridges the gap by sending personalized emails that promise a sense of personalization. According to a report, automated emails get 119% more clicks than broadcast emails. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say email marketing automation is a powerful tool that connects you and your audience successfully. 

Another study proves that every dollar spent on email marketing generates an ROI of more than $38. As compared to email marketing, email marketing automation is way easier. If you’re a business owner and looking for exponential growth, email marketing automation is the key! 

Thinking about how you can grow your business with email marketing automation? We’ve got you covered. In this article, we have jotted down how your business can grow with email marketing automation.

Introduction To Email Marketing Automation 

In simple terms, email marketing automation can be described as a process of sending personalized emails to your prospects and customers automatically without continuous intervention. This could be information about the latest launch, ongoing sales on your website, weekly and monthly newsletters or just general information regarding your business like your goals, purpose, care for the society and more. 

With email marketing automation, you can send these emails without getting involved continuously. Everytime a new customer signs up or subscribes to your newsletter, they receive preset emails. Through email automation, you can build strong relationships over a period of time with your subscribers.

Benefits of Email Marketing Automation For Your Business 

1. Saves your time and efforts 

As a business owner, you wear multiple hats at one time. Handling emails with the help of your ecommerce assistantduring hundreds of tasks is a complicated process. Thus, email marketing automation is handy, allowing you to scale your marketing efforts. You can send personalized emails to all your customers without manually sitting and working towards it. This saves a lot of your crucial time and effort. 

2. Generates higher profits 

According to statistics, it is often seen sending emails regularly contributes to more leads and higher profits. By sending emails to your targeted audience, a casual visitor on your website turns into a permanent customer. Thus, marketers who rely on the klaviyo email marketingplatform experience a hike in their revenue.

3. Enhances customer experience 

Email marketing automation not only helps businesses increase revenue, but it also contributes to better customer experience. For example, a new potential customer visits your website and sees no one to guide. Through your email, they can explore your website, resulting in an improved experience. Hire a virtual assistant to avail yourself of the best services! 

4. Minimizes Cost 

When you do email marketing manually, it takes a lot of time and a professional team of experts who analyze all statistics and send messages to each customer individually. Introducing email marketing automation into your business includes less costs. Email automation does not mean complete cost elimination, as you must still invest in skilled employees and email marketing automation software.

5. Marketing your brand in the eyes of your customers 

Every time a customer sees a newsletter in their mailbox sent by an ecommerce assistant, this reflects your brand into your customer's eyes and ensures they remember it over a period of time. 

6. Reaching To Mobile Users 

According to a report by statistics, more than 70% of users check their emails on mobile phones. As a result, you must send an email which is responsive on all screens. This allows business owners to reach mobile customers easily. There are many marketing automation platforms like klaviyo email marketingplatform that helps to retain customers through email marketing.

Top Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

  • Do not use a boring subject line. On the contrary, use exclamations, caps, and phrases that build excitement. 
  • Do not neglect message preview as it gives a glimpse of what’s inside the newsletter or any email you sent. 
  • Avoid sending emails from a non-responding email address, as it restricts the chances of engagement. 
  • Make sure you send exciting and useful emails consistently. For example, if you are sending emails once a week, follow the routine, as your subscribers must be waiting for your emails. 
  • You do not want to neglect your mobile users while sending emails. Thus, your emails must be highly responsive on all screens. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How can I start email marketing automation for my business? 

If you’re a business to business company, you must start B2B email automationto market your products and services to your potential audience. First and foremost, pick an email marketing software, build a welcome email, carefully segment the entire list, conduct email testing and finally, track overall results. If you found it useful for your business, continue email marketing automation. 

  1. Why is email marketing automation regarded as the best choice to grow your business? 

Since email automation provides complete access to information like how receipts are interacting with your emails, open rates, conversions and more; it is regarded as the smartest choice.

  1. What are some proven tips that attracts the best results from automated email marketing

Some of the best tips to make the most of your B2B email automationmarketing are that you must segment your users, maximum attention must be given to customization and personalization, conduct regular testing for emails, continuously measure your results and more. By following these top tips, you can get the best results possible.

Wrapping Up 

With the growth of digitalization, the need for email marketing automation has increased drastically as it allows you to automate your emails and reach your audience in no time. Since, email marketing automation does not require human intervention, it saves a lot of your crucial time, ensuring you can focus on other vital aspects of your business. In this article, we explained how you can grow your business with email marketing automation. So, what’s the wait for? Hire a virtual assistant and get the best email marketing automation services now!

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