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List of Jobs for Earning Money on the Internet

Modern life provides enough opportunities not to work for the small salary on someone in a commercial office or a state organization, but to see hidden prospects.

There is variety of jobs you can do from home.

All you need to do is just to choose a profitable occupation for your soul and start to earn money online.

Stay at home jobs have significant benefits:

  1. A flexible schedule that you set for yourself.
  2. The ability to do other things besides work: caring for a small child, incompetent relatives, cooking, cleaning, weeding the vegetable garden, etc., without waiting for the weekend.
  3. Savings on commuting, corporate lunches, cosmetics, business suits, etc.
  4. The absence of a boss, envious colleagues, and mountains of tasks that need to be performed.
  5. Comfortable working conditions within your own home.
  6. The ability to grow and develop, trying new activities that will bring more money.

Because of today's abundance of flexible work from home options, one doesn’t know where to look first. Everything is in demand – from the ability to "google" simple information to the most complex work in professional programs. It is better to choose the type of occupation, starting from your own talents and unique abilities. The education of a psychologist, translator, subject teacher, electrician, mechanic and so on can be a good help. There are many opportunities for self-realization. experts have selected top eight work from home jobs:


Describing the best stay at home jobs, you cannot walk past this line of business. The bottom line is writing informative articles. Some are called to sell a product or service. Some – give valuable information or contribute to promoting the site in search engines.


  • write articles;
  • invent advertising slogans;
  • compose letters for e-mail;
  • create scripts for commercials;
  • etc.

A good writer gets good money. The level of earnings varies from $300 to $2000 a month. Although it may be more depending on the level of skills and complexity and the scale of the project.

In the same category, you can refer other professionals working with text materials:

  • editor or proofreader – checks texts for errors and corrects them;
  • content manager – publishes the finished materials on the site;
  • rewriter – rewrites other articles in their own words, seeking uniqueness;
  • transcriber – translates the audio file into a text format.

Information Security Manager

In the era of digital technology, each company has topical issues of information security and protection against hacker attacks, which may result in theft of data. The SIM manager develops the concept of information security at an enterprise, assesses information risks, plans how to minimize them, establishes and implements appropriate monitoring mechanisms, and monitors them.

SEO specialist

His task is to achieve high results in the search engine placement on certain pre-selected keywords with the help of specialized services. Such a specialist will carry out certain manipulations, seeking to ensure that his trusted resource is in the first positions in the results of the query of search engines.

The work of SEO-specialist involves internal and external optimization, elimination of certain shortcomings. As a result, search engines will be positive about the site and will raise it in search results.

This type of activity allows you to earn income from $ 500 a month. The ceiling is a few thousand dollars, depending on the scale of the project.

Web programmer

This is a workforce specializing in the creation of unique sites, scripts and functional modules for them, management systems and other software tools. The level of earning of such a specialist starts from $ 500 at the initial level. Then just up.

This category includes the following specialists:

  • testers (test software, detecting errors and shortcomings);
  • webmasters (support for sites, update information on them, etc.).

Building Design Information Manager

Without information, technology does not do well in the construction industry. Special computer software makes it possible to model different phases of design projects planning and management. The BIM manager controls information modeling of buildings. He collects and comprehensively processes information about the future object, develops a three-dimensional model of the building and provides it to the construction company.

Robotics Engineer

The robotics market is experiencing a boom not for the first year, so the demand for such specialists will only grow in the near future. Among the range of their tasks is the development of automated technical systems, their programming and maintenance. Robotics engineer must understand the interdisciplinary approach, as well as have profound knowledge of electronics, mechanics, cybernetics and, of course, computer science.

Cybersport Manager

Cyber Sport (E-Sport) is a sporting online video game competition that has brought millions of dollars to winners for a long time. The cybersport manager, together with the coach, forms a team of players, develops a training schedule, follows the personal schedule of each gamer, searches for sponsors, organizes participation in tournaments, solves the issues of travel, accommodation, nutrition of cyber-athletes, etc.

Network Lawyer

What personal data can your customers store, analyze and transfer to a third party? Who should get permission? Is a worker entitled to post photos of his colleague's cat on Facebook? Formation of the regulatory legal field on the Internet is part of the tasks of the network lawyer – a specialist that is highly needed in the market.

Today, from 20% to 30% of workers in Europe and the United States are employed in the so-called 'free-wage economy'. This gives them the opportunity to work when they want, where they want and as much as they need. It is interesting that many retirement age people are also resorting to work to increase their retirement income.

With the help of stay at home jobs, people earn for their vacations, replace their main job from 9 to 5, or increase their retirement savings. It is worth to try – isn’t it?

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