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How to Earn From SiteGround Affiliate Marketing

This year is the biggest revolution in the world of online marketing. Everyone stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. So, the need for online services increased more than ever. This time is the perfect opportunity for business owners and startups to reach new heights. The way is simple. You have to try to get as much potential base as possible. PR, influencer collaborations, paid page promotions are useful and widely used solutions. But, the most effective way to get more sales is affiliate marketing. Here you can not only raise your business stakes but expand the ideas to many more sectors. Creating more and better work options is a plus point.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the best business plan you can go for in 2020. Without any stock, large capital, warehouse, and elaborates, there is no better business than affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketers work as resellers. They build links and a lucrative website to promote the actual product. Once the buyer likes the description or product, they lead the buyers to the seller's account. Here the affiliate marketer gets a commission on a pay per click or pays per sale basis. Several companies and third-party plug websites let you use their site to create an affiliated chain. Such as SiteGround and Bluehost. They all have a different payment system and commission range. Choosing your server depends entirely on one's preference of work area. Here in this article, you will get to know how to become a SiteGround official affiliate marketer and the ways of boosting your sale.

How to Become A SiteGround Affiliate Marketer?

There are two available options for you if you decide to choose SiteGround for your affiliate business. At first, if you are not a past member, create an account on SiteGround using all your correct information. Make sure you don't use anything misleading because they will recheck the data. If they find something fishy in your account, they will block any activities in the future. If you are an old and loyal member, go to the settings and check for the client option. Choose it and fill in the required field of information to start your journey.

Ways of Boosting Sales in Affiliate Marketing

There are several ways to boost up your sales in affiliate marketing. The most popular method is to use an affiliate campaign to promote products or ideas. You have to create a drive from the setting of your hosting website. Then go to the new campaign page and create a unique name that attracts people at first glance. You can use lucrative sale rates, cashback offers, vouchers, gift cards on every purchase. It is a good idea to keep a minimum amount of shopping to avail the offer. It will raise your primary shopping amount. Make a banner to show all the information in a line or highlight the important ones. You can use old, ready to use templates. Or make customized templates using SiteGround’s banner making service. It is as easy as ABC. Creating a landing page to connect your leading affiliated site is a great idea to get more reach and attention. Besides, the more views you get on one website, it increases the chances of accepting Google's AdSense to avail of the monetization. It will bring you more money.


Affiliate marketing is the place for generation Z. We depend more on supply chain and smart management than old stocks and price hikes. Here only ideas will survive the rush, not the capital. So, get your affiliate ideas on the run now.

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