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How Can I Download YouTube Videos Without Any App?

YouTube is a famous platform that provides entertainment in the form of movies, songs, dramas, and different series, as well as it also provides knowledge and information about vast categories present in the world. But majorly, youyube is famous for music videos because it is the biggest source of entertainment for the people who remain busy from dawn to dusk in their work. Researches have revealed that most people want to download their favorite music songs from youtube so that they can listen to them while they are busy with their work. Hence they can get enjoyment as well as they can do their work parallel to each other. 

Why can't download directly from youtube?

This is the major question asked by people that why they can't download videos from youtube directly? And the answer is there comes a great hurdle, and that is youtube didn't allow you to download its videos to your device because of two major reasons. First one is that youtube want that its user will stay active on it for a long time by enjoying their most-liked music and watching movies and dramas. And the other big reason is that youtube want to protect its community from copyrights issue. The reason is that if youtube starts allowing people to download videos to their devices, then this might become a big source of stealing other videos. Hence if youtube starts allowing people to download its videos, then some people can use it for their own business without giving credit to the real owner of the video, and this is totally against the US law of copyright. 

So, how to download without using any app?

Because youtube didn't allow you to download videos from it directly, so for this reason, people search for different methods to download videos. There are two major sources for downloading a youtube video. Number one is to install any helper app by which you can download video, or the other way is that to use this which you can convert video to the mp3 form and then download it. Because in any helper app, there come too many ads and some other bugs, so it's become too much annoying to download your favorite songs from youtube. Unlike using an app, a converter tool protect you from all these bugs and annoying ads. So using an mp3 converter is the best way by which you can easily convert youtube videos to the mp3 form online. For that purpose, you have to find out the best youtube converter tool that will help you to convert videos to the mp3 form.

Final words:

By reading this article, you can easily find out the reciprocal of any mobile app for downloading youtube videos in mp3 format. Youtube to mp3 converter is the biggest reciprocal of any mobile app that can convert or extract sound from a youtube video, and then you can download that audio file to your device. 

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