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Do Digital Tools Make Us More or Less
Productive at Work?

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Digital tools in our Everyday Life:

You cannot imagine a world with technology today. Our business and our personal lives are all adapted to using digital tools. We stay connected to our families with Facebook and Instagram apps, while we are well connected professionally through our LinkedIn profiles.

Can you imagine even living without technology? You don’t have to think far, just imagine not having updates from your family and friend without Facebook. We are so used to it, and it has become a part of our lives that we cannot even think about living without digital tools.

Baby boomers, millennia’s, Gen Z are all hooked to the apps and all things that the digital world has to offer. And if it already was not enough, the world gave us an extra push into the digital world with the COVID-19 pandemic. Where hoping on to the digital world became a survival tactic for many businesses.

However, many struggle with the question, that hasn’t all these tools made us less productive and lazy?

Digital Tools have made us less or More Productive?

This is an extremely tough question. Thinking about it, digital tools have made communication easier, a few tasks easier with the help of platforms like QuickBooks, Slack, etc. While still many argue that a lot of time is wasted on these digital apps.

Therefore we will mention a few features of digital tools that help you in answering the question of if these digital tools have made us more or less productive.

Arguments for More Productivity:

A lot of us understand that digital tools have definitely made business operations easier and mainly argue for these two points which are obvious to everyone

Accessibility has become 24/7:

Whether you are running the best translation services in Dubai or you are running a small bakery shop in Africa, you will agree that due to these digital tools communication with each other is accessible 24/7.

This 24/7 access has made it easier for a colleague to connect and more efficiently resolve any issue that may arise anywhere and at any time of the day. Employers can easily support and address the queries any time they want.

Communication has become easier:

This is the best thing about digital tools that communication has become easier.It is probably because of these digital tools that businesses could still operate during the covid-19 pandemic. This is also why our economies could survive this pandemic.

Digital apps have made it possible for people to connect from wherever and whenever. Also if you are dealing with international customers and clients, you would easily be able to understand the importance of these digital tools that have made communication so easy that it not even a hassle. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and an app through which you are connected to all the employees, employers, and customers.

A lot of conferences, pieces of training, meetings are done through zoom and Google meeting rooms anyway given that the pandemic has left us no choice. But if it were not because of these apps, a lot of businesses would have gone bankrupt and the economy of the entire world would have come crashing down.

Arguments For Less Productivity:

A lot of people while do understand that digital tools have helped businesses to grow, they also argue that it has made employees less productive.

The following are a few examples of it:

Addiction to phones and Digital Apps:

A lot of us are addicted to our phones and tablets to the point, that it is a struggle for us to disconnect. Unfortunately, the extent of this addiction is so much that many are seeking therapy to take a break from gadgets.

Technology has made us all feel that we don’t check our newsfeed we might be left behind. It has given us a sense of urgency and we are compelled to check our apps every minute of every day. We have that itch that we need to check notifications from our phones instantly or respond immediately.

This is something we all are guilty of, and we struggle every day to keep a balance from our digital platforms. It is true that these apps have taken us away from reality and made us all robots with our faces on the phones all the time.

Waste of Time:

We only have to open our phones for one thing and we might find ourselves lost in the newsfeed and updates. We tend to lose hours and hours, surfing through useless stuff.

We might probably log on the app for a business message but can get distracted by a random comment of a colleague or friends – as a result, we might end up answering or reading the thread, and just like that, ‘poof!’ you lost an hour of your valuable time on your phone and missed out on completing your report instead.

It has made us rely on phones a lot and destroyed the human connection:

There was a time where we would remember our friend's birthdays by heart but today we don’t even bother asking anyone for their birthdays, because Facebook will tell us, right?

There was a time where we would as our friend to recommend us the best legal translation services, but today we rather ask Google.

Nisar Ahmad

Author Bio:

Nisar Ahmad is a digital marketing expert from Media Hicon for many years. He considers bringing all the keywords to the top of his duty and constantly.

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