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Discover 5 Simple Digital Marketing Techniques
to Evolve Your Business

Summary: Mastering the main techniques of Digital Marketing is essential for those who want to create efficient dissemination strategies. And if you don't want to lag behind your competition, find out the top 5 online practices that will bring you closer to success.

If you have an online business, when you created it you must have wondered how to make it successful on today's popular Internet.

For that, you must have researched for ways to guarantee this success and you may have come across content that addressed topics such as: What is digital marketing? Or what is digital marketing for?

But even if you know the answer to these questions, you may not know how to apply this method to your business in a way that makes you approach success or you may not know the techniques responsible for it.

Well, rest assured! For in this content you will know some of the strategies and techniques of digital marketing that will make your business leverage your results online. Check out:

1. Content

2. SEO x Sponsored Links

3. Content Hosting Platform

4. Content dissemination and nutrition

5. The New Age strategy

Now you know the best Digital Marketing strategies and techniques!

Digital Marketing

1. Content

The first of the digital marketing techniques we will cover is the one that moves the world today: content!

This is because with the current era, marked by an overload of information 24 hours a day, quality and relevant content has been the differential to highlight a product or service in the online environment.

That is why Content Marketing was developed, whose methodology consists in the production of a personalized material which is able to aggregate relevant information to the consumer.

That way you can deliver valuable content and that in addition to helping a potential customer, it also helps to make your page relevant, thus building your brand's authority on the subject.

Ok, but what kind of content can I offer today as a business differentiator?

Well, having quality content that is completely relevant to your consumer is already a way to create your market differential.

But there are ways to connect with your visitors that can be very interesting for your business. And that's what we'll talk about next: techniques and formats of attractive content.

Rich Materials

Here the most complex production materials and the most complete content fit together.

Rich materials, as the name says, are those rich in information that add something to the reader.

This type of content format adds value to your online business, as it presents a way for you to deliver news and relevant content to your visitors.

But what are the formats that we can find in rich materials?

Rich materials can be videos, ebooks, infographics, guides, podcasts, whitepapers and etc.

But there's no point in creating them if you don't know how to connect with your audience. And for that, the most suitable technique is the one you will see below!


This technique is based on the creation of texts produced with strategic words with the function of acting as mental triggers in the minds of consumers, leading reading in an unpretentious way to some specific action.

The copywriting is a way to connect your reader to what you need, be it selling a product, a service or even an idea.

For this, this technique does not simply use imperative words, such as "buy", "do", "download", but does a whole language study to understand what most connects with the target audience in question.


Speaking of images, they are an important part of your digital marketing techniques.

After all, images will be your relevant aggregating partners in texts in general, as long as you can connect the subject addressed to it.

In addition, when done well, they can be a very decisive factor for the customer to complete a purchase on your website, for example.

And besides, have you heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well then! Often it is worth, after all, with the amount of information that people currently receive, having an impact image can be all the differential needed to hold the reader's attention.


Have you ever imagined showing up at the right place and time when a potential client of yours is looking for you?

Well, keywords are terms that summarize content, which are capable of providing this action.

The use of the keyword is one of the most used digital marketing techniques today, as this type of action helps in positioning your website.

And better positioning helps both in attracting traffic to your website, as well as in generating leads, potential customers of your business.

As we have already seen on the blog, the keyword is the term used to search within search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo when searching for something.

That is why it is so important, because when you know the word related to the topic of your content and the way your lead will search, it becomes easier for your potential customers to find your material.

But just knowing your password is not enough, as you need to insert it carefully into the material, that is, it must be used naturally and in the right context.

There is no point in being repetitive and boring, after all, as we said, in the age of content the search is to deliver relevant content to users, so it is not positive to try to be invasive or lose the quality of the content that will be delivered.

Content Hosting

2. SEO x Sponsored Links

In case you don't know, SEO (Search Engine Optization) is one of the most used sets of digital marketing techniques today.

This set of practices aim to optimize your website with the objective of helping in the positioning of your page in search engines.

With them you can bring more relevance to your site, because the search engines will understand that your content will provide a good user experience.

In addition, a differential of SEO techniques is that they are all done in an organic way, that is, they do not receive any financial investment to bring results.

And when we talk about digital marketing techniques for positioning, we can mention some of them.

Link building

Link building represents the construction of strategic links in content.

Whether internal links (to other pages on your own site) or external (links from other sites to your pages), this type of behavior helps you create relevance because of the number of pages that point to you.

Think of it this way: it's like an indication. If many people you consider speak well of a third person, it will become relevant for you, right?

Linking works like this as well, as a referral process, the more sites direct to your page, the more it should be taken into account for search engines when positioning.

Keyword density

Keyword density refers to the number of times you use your keyword throughout the text in proportion to its size.

That is, as search engines always try to generate the best experience for the user, they read the content, understand what is said there and seek the result that best suits the search.

So, as we said earlier, the more you use the term in a natural and relevant way, the greater the chances of you appearing well positioned.

Meta Tags

There are many Meta tags, but some are more relevant to digital marketing techniques.

They are:

  • Title
  • Meta description
  • Heading tags
  • Alt text

The title tag refers to the title of your page on Google and we can say that it is like a business card of your brand highlighted in the middle of the search results.

Below is the Meta description, a succinct and clear summary of the content of your page.

The description is one of the best places to apply copywriting techniques, after all, you have an average of two lines to make the user want to access your page.

The heading tags, on the other hand, are all H1 (titles), H2 (subtitles) and topics in order of H3, H4 and so on within each previous heading.

The search engines understand the presence of this type of division within the text as a way to facilitate its understanding.

In addition, they serve as proof that the text contains parts such as beginning, middle and end.

Finally, the alt text consists of naming the images you are going to use on your page.

Thus, in addition to the weight of content attributed to them, these images can also be positioned using the keyword in the image search.

Sponsored links

Unlike digital marketing techniques based on SEO, this type of method is based exactly in the opposite direction, as it requires a financial investment.

That's because you will use some platforms, such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads.

Through them you will create ads which will appear prominently on the search results page or on the desired social network.

So it is possible to increase the visibility of your brand and attract more traffic to your site faster than it would be with an organic positioning.

3. Content Hosting Platform

Another of these digital marketing techniques can be the creation of a blog linked to your brand.

This can be done on several of the existing platforms, as the important thing is to have a page which helps your lead to understand the importance of your company, content and service.

So you can educate him so that he understands why you are different from others who offer the same things as you.

To do this, remember our tips on creating content to create a strong and lasting relationship with your customers.

4. Content dissemination and nutrition

Whether for a new lead or an old consumer, it is important for your company that it remains in his memory.

This is because a relationship between brand and customer can be the differential for him to choose his brand and not the competitor.

The facilities of contact with your company give more security to the customer, since he can come to you directly.

In addition, always reminding you that you produce content and can be part of your client's daily life will also be a way to approach them.

Social networks

One of the most important digital marketing techniques is the presence on social networks.

According to research by the We Are Social agency and the Hootsuite platform, Indians spend an average of more than 5 hours a day on social networks!

This means that it is 5 hours, every single day, that you can have some contact with your lead.

If you don't necessarily want to talk to him, at least produce content that he can absorb while on social media.

This is because in addition to all the audiences being there, this type of platform allows you to segment your audience very well, allowing a chance of a higher conversion rate.

E-mail marketing

Among digital marketing techniques, email marketing has a similar function to social networks, but with the difference that it does not depend on the client's access to a network to receive the content.

Emails are used for jobs, account control, business and other diverse functions. So the frequency of using this type of tool is at least daily.

And anyway, unlike a post that may be gone, the email will be there, waiting for your customer to see it.

Therefore, you can use it to carry out personalized communication and offer a series of advantages, such as shopping discount coupons, promotions only by email and advance information.

Email Marketing

5. The New Age strategy

To end our digital marketing techniques, we have Inbound Marketing, which consists of a set of marketing techniques that aim to voluntarily attract and convert customers.

That's because it guarantees the customer's education so that they really know what they need, what you have and how they can help you.

For this, marketing techniques need to be thought according to the preferences of your persona, that is, the semi-fictional profile of your ideal client.

And once you create custom actions for those who may be really interested in your product or service, the greater the chances of increasing your conversion rate as well as your return on investment.

So if you think you want to understand more about exploring digital marketing for your business, then check out this agency in Singapore that specializes in doing just that.

Digital Marketing techniques that generate effective results for your business!

In this publication you learned about the 5 main techniques of Digital Marketing and saw how easy it can be to put your brand on the map.

That's because most of the practices presented here need little investment: just roll up your sleeves and start producing relevant content, for example.

But if you have a little money left and want faster results, there is also the possibility to invest in sponsored links.

After reading this content you have no excuses for not investing in Digital Marketing techniques and not enjoying all the benefits of this strategy!

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