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Digital Growth Strategies for
Personal Growth Websites

Digital Growth Strategies

If you are building a personal growth website and shepherding a broad group of interested, contributing followers, focusing on digital marketing methods can feel like a time-consuming distraction to the more important things in life.

But whether you specialize in nutrition, meditation, nature or community, attracting large visitor numbers in competitive sectors is an integral part of your business.

How can we - as part of a holistically-focused online community - bring more people to our pages or social media posts? And how easy are these methods to implement?

This article looks at the difficulty levels, speed and potential growth levels of several top marketing strategies, with a single but absolutely crucial starting point - an attractive, well-designed and engaging website.

Search Engine Optimisation

Knowledge: 4/5 — Effect Speed: 3/5 — Growth Potential: 4/5

The Holy Grail of digital marketing is to achieve top slot on Google search engine results pages or SERPs. To reach this goal, you need more than basic knowledge of various, ever-changing SEO strategies or the services of a top marketing agency.

Why Google? Google is the go-to source for over 90% of the global community. In comparison, Bing - second in line - hosts under 3% of global Internet searches. Unless you are a multinational market leader, focusing on higher ranking on Google SERPs should be your first SEO priority.

For e-Commerce sellers trying to make an impact on the larger digital marketplaces such as Amazon, Shopify and Etsy, Google rankings remain critical, but internal search algorithms also need to be catered for. For that, one can rely on the services of shopify seo expert.


SEO is a complex topic and much more than seeking out the right keywords. Furthermore, recent search engine algorithm tweaks such as visitor personalisation and ranking according to customer experience make staple SEO techniques less effective as stand-alone strategies.

Unless you are prepared to take the time to study 2020 SEO techniques in depth - and are able to analyze the results - it might be worth handing this task to an expert.

Freelance platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork can introduce you to marketing-savvy specialists; top-rated marketing agencies are another option. If you own an Etsy store but can’t understand why your efforts are not making an impact on visitor numbers, I recommend the Etsy-specialised marketing pioneer,

Quality Content

Knowledge: 5/5 — Effect Speed: 2/5 — Growth Potential: 5/5

We all know that content is the motor that keeps a digital presence running. Expert, regularly updated content written by people who actually know what they are talking about is key.

Content curation includes repurposing the written word and video and audio recordings for different channels, as well as amending and deleting older content to free up space and increase website loading speeds.

Content writers abound, but not every content writer can produce engaging and expert content. His or her knowledge of a particular field must be able to compete with academic-level sources.

Content also costs money - even if you write your own. This essential part of digital growth, therefore, consumes significant time, money and energy. Not to mention formatting, searching for the correct images, and sifting through outdated text to keep your website current.

Once visitors know your content is reliable and up to date - and this takes time - they are very likely to make you their go-to source. Your pages and articles will be shared on social media. Other websites will link to you. This means that quality content is the principal driver of digital growth; hence its 5 star score.


Backlinks, Guest Blogs and Influencers

Knowledge: 2/5 — Effect Speed: 3/5 — Growth Potential: 3/5

All you need to do for referral traffic is research who you want to talk about your business. Just like quality content, links from other social media sources or websites take time to get the ball rolling - you can speed this up by pinpointing the most appropriate partners.

Obviously, your immediate competitors will not wish to link to you or host your guest blogs. It is essential to think about potential pairings that can enjoy the effects of a two-way street toward brand awareness and brand trust.

If you provide an online meditation course to US citizens, sharing links with a similar service in the UK or Australia will not produce the same growth as partnering with a US meditation music website, for example. Even so, researching businesses and influencers is an additional extra that can increase your authority and spread the word.

Paid Traffic Sources

Knowledge: 1/5 — Effect Speed: 5/5 — Growth Potential: 3/5

The quickest and cheapest way to increase traffic to your website is to buy it. Paid website traffic is rapidly clawing its way out of an outdated, slightly negative reputation. Paying for traffic is not cheating and has a number of benefits, especially for startups and during campaigns.

It is important to note that paying for web traffic should never be seen as a stand-alone strategy. The effects also depend very much on the quality of your website and your content.

We recommend two website traffic providers, both of which only deal in 100% human traffic. The first is Maxvisits, a web traffic specialist established in 2011. Their traffic wizard can help you to make the right visitor selections with very little effort.

The second trustworthy traffic service is Web Traffic Geeks who provide a similarly broad range of traffic specifications. In addition, this provider publishes many blogs with information about bumping traffic numbers organically.

Whichever of the above you select, the effects bring thousands to hundreds of thousands of real people to your specified web page over a period of up to one month, as dictated by you. Use paid traffic alongside a product launch, an email campaign, or your latest series of how-to’s for immediate effects.

Beware: disreputable providers may well send bot traffic instead of real people - a damaging process that can destroy your hard SEO work. Reputable providers allow you to select human visitors from many different niches based upon interests, age and location.


Knowledge: 3/5 — Effect Speed: 4/5 — Growth Potential: 3/5

Google Ads used to be ranked high among marketing departments but seems to have plunged in popularity. It is best used when your ad answers a specific question or links to a particular product. This means that you will need approximately the same levels of keyword knowledge and research as you would for SEO.

What is important to bear in mind when considering using Google Ads is what the responses of your target group might be to on-page ads. On-page ads can be so invasive that many members of the general public have developed negative connotations with them. This has happened to the extent that Google itself has redesigned search engines results to make paid ad results less obvious. To learn from a Google Ads (Adwords) expert visit

Email Marketing

Knowledge: 4/5 — Effect Speed: 2/5 — Growth Potential: 4/5

The chicken/egg phenomenon of email marketing makes this a limited option for startups but a huge source of traffic for established businesses with an extensive email list.

According to McKinsey and Company, email marketing - when done correctly - is up to 40 times more effective than social media marketing efforts.

Correct email marketing techniques are very much the deciding factor. How often you send emails, what content these emails contain, who is on your email marketing list, and how personal the emails are dictate recipient response. Failure to study this marketing channel may lead to your mails ending up in a spam folder or - worst case scenario - making an earlier conversion press the unsubscribe button.

Channel Optimisation

Knowledge: 5/5 — Effect Speed: 3/5 — Growth Potential: 4/5

Anyone who owns a business and does not expand their digital presence to other channels is missing a huge opportunity.

The more marketing channels you implement, the more people you can reach; it’s as simple as that. However, what is less simple is figuring out which channels are cost-effective for your business and which are not. There is absolutely no point in appearing on 50 different digital channels when you sell vegan hotdogs on a village street corner.

Many businesses ignore old-fashioned channels such as print advertising, TV, and radio. These are worth considering in relation to your product or service. Television advertising is - unless you plan to air your ad during the Superbowl final - surprisingly cheap.

Channels abound - from cause marketing (of particular interest to trans4mind readers) that partners your company with nonprofits, to comment marketing on various important forums; from QR codes to video footage. Researching and opting for the correct channels takes knowledge of each channel type and time. You will also be unable to sit on your laurels - as with all marketing methods (except perhaps paid traffic), continuous research is critical to remain in the game.

Your Marketing Pick & Mix

Naturally, picking one strategy from the above list will have a positive effect; however, picking multiple strategies will have a cumulative positive effect.

The only sticking point is the cost-effectiveness of the strategies you select. Bidding for the most powerful keywords and purchasing Google Ads or Facebook Ads can consume large slices of your marketing budget - for startups and struggling established affairs, often too big a slice.

The trick is to make your selections and test them continuously. Analyze the results of every strategy or combination of strategies. Tweak what does not work and do not be afraid to discard if a particular strategy fails to perform. This does not mean you should never return to it - the Internet is constantly shifting shape, as is its audience. What does not work today may work perfectly next year.

‘All’ you need to do is keep your eyes, and your mind open to the many changes within the digital universe.

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