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How to Make Digital Business Cards

Digital Business Card

In this article we want to offer you tips or advice that you have to keep in mind when designing your digital business card. It is your business card, so it is important to take good care of every detail of the design and the information they contain:

1. Transmit who you are

First of all, be clear about what you want to convey about yourself or your company. The card will not have the same design if you are a child animator, or a sober lawyer. In the first case, you can play with colors, children's fonts, etc. In the second case, you have to bet on sobriety and seriousness.

2. Decide what Data you Want to Show

The card must show fair and necessary data. The ones that your client, or potential client, needs to know do not fall short, or exceed.

The necessary basic data are: The name (of the professional or of the company); the position or profession (what do you or your company do for a living).

There are professionals who in addition to these data include a multitude of social networks (update them or not), or data that may be unnecessary or outdated such as fax, or latitude and longitude coordinates of the company. Most people are not going to read all the card details carefully, especially if there are too many. So, give them the ones that, yes or yes, you want them to use.

Don't fall short either! Don't just put your name and position, and forget to add at least one way to contact you.

3. Clear and Clean Design

The design has to be very clear and clean. Be carefree or sober, it has to be easy to read. Leave a margin on all 4 sides of the card, so that the design breathes. Do not put many elements too close together (logo, much text, etc.). Let each element breathe and be well separated from the rest. Make it easy to read.

4. The Typefaces

Proper use of fonts is essential. On the one hand, they are very easy to read. That they are not too convoluted nor do we have to make an effort. You can use sober or fun typefaces, or "handwritten" style, but whatever it is, they are very easy to read effortlessly. And do not use too many different fonts on the same card, as it gives chaos. Just use one or two fonts, or at most three.

5. Logo or Image

It is advisable to include at least one logo or image. Nor more, without abusing, so that it is not excessive. But an image rejoices the design of the card, as opposed to the sobriety of the text. If your company or brand has a logo, of course, make it appear on the card, so that it is recognizable at the first glance. And if you don't have a logo because you are a freelancer (for example, an electrician or a taxi driver) and you don't need one, use an image that makes your sector recognizable: a nice icon of a plug or a taxi, respectively, if we stay in this example.

6. Card Size and Shape

Sometimes, for wanting to go from originals, we think that a round card, or larger than usual, or with rare shapes, can attract more attention. And we do not think that a card, in theory, serves to keep in the wallet as soon as you receive it. So, don't go for cards that are too big, or with strange shapes that won't fit. Go to the standard: rectangular cards of 85x55 mm. Thus, no one will have trouble keeping your card in your wallet or purse.

7. Play with Double Sided

Business cards have 2 faces, obviously. You can choose to create only 1-sided cards, which is also totally valid and may be sufficient. But 2-sided cards give more play. In one, you can add your data and logo, as we have been explaining so far. And with the back side, you can play a little more with creativity. Put the logo to full size, or put it in full of your corporate color (a white card with an orange logo on the front, you can invite to "color" the whole orange back). It is also a good place to put the address of your website, which is usually the most important fact today to make yourself known.

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