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How Can DevOps Help to Boost Business Productivity

The DevOps services came to fill the much-needed gap between software development and IT operations. The main features of DevOps, however, are what a DevOps services company provides—bringing harmony to processes by creating a shared ownership model among stakeholders. It aims to cut down the software development lifecycle to deliver quality software. The model of DevOps technology borrows many tenets from agile software development methodology. Find out more at

DevOps Help Boost Business Productivity

Businesses today are on the brink of churn. Many erstwhile processes and methodologies have changed, especially in the last few years. The demand for quick software releases in a competitive market is growing by the day, and so is the need for expert DevOps services providers to help meet the needs effectively.

There’s an additional focus on sustenance and quality, which mandates agile processes for continuous integration and rapid testing. In the latest Harvard Business Review Analytics Survey study, nearly 86% of the respondents observed that quick development and release of new software into production were important. Even though market participants and businesses today understand the need for managed DevOps services, success with DevOps is still elusive for many.According to the survey, only 10% of the respondents felt that their organization was successful at rapid software development and deployment.

Let’s look at some clear benefits of DevOps for businesses that help to boost productivity:

1. Quick delivery:

DevOps rests on the principles of continuous delivery, automation, and feedback, providing agility to the software development lifecycle (SDLC). The delivery time shrinks remarkably, making the progression of SDLC smooth with automation. The continuous feedback loop helps to ensure glitches can be plugged in as they occur in real-time for quick release of the software.

2. Continuous team collaboration:  

DevOps brings agility to business by breaking down the silos among departments and fostering an environment of better communication, collaboration, and responsiveness among team members. Today many DevOps services providers help to bring much-needed change and modernize the traditional systems where timelines, efficiency, and productivity, take precedence over roles.

3. Enhanced customer experience:

Businesses harnessing DevOps technology and DevOps consulting services can significantly improve their deployment frequency. The results of using DevOps technology are there for everyone to see:

  • Improvement in deployment time by 200x
  • Minimizing failure rates by 3x
  • Improvement in recovery time by 24x

The quick deployment time, lower failure rates, and better recovery time greatly enhance customer experience. Some DevOps solution providers also help to bring a customer-value-led framework for solutions using the trio—agile methodology, collaboration, and automation.

4. Expeditious error detection:

DevOps methodology's ongoing process helps cultivate a culture of knowledge sharing between various departments and groups. Processes such as automation, continuous monitoring, and testing enhance the quality. It also leads to a culture of breakthroughs, innovation, and shared goals, with groups sharing their inputs to rectify and better the quality of products.

5. Continuous Release and Deployment:  

DevOps solutions and DevOps solutions providers help to reduce the time to market. In the modern marketplace, businesses always need to deliver quality software and adhere to shorter software release cycles. DevOps technology has enabled this process with automation in CI and CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous development) framework allowing for development and operations to make immediate changes to the code. With the QA checks added, the process yields better quality. This has become possible only due to the DevOps framework that enables automation. The automation allows the Dev and Ops groups to promptly create and add the codes.

6. Productive teams:

The usage of DevOps helps in faster software deliveries with fewer errors. It lifts team spirit and encourages the team members for better collaboration. The outcome is business productivity goes up, and at the same time, the overall customer experience enhances.

These were some of the direct benefits accruing out of the use of DevOps. Several other benefits emanate from using the framework.

  • Reliability in software releases
  • Higher production
  • Stability in releases

Overall, DevOps gives a better return on investment. And hiring qualified DevOps services providers brings speed, reliability, scalability, and effective collaboration to the fore, along with security. When you hire DevOps consulting services, look for desired skills to bridge the gap between what your team possesses and what you need. You can look out for DevOps services providers' abilities, including resource optimization, the ability to scale apps and data easily, and planning for contingency and uncertainty. Certain factors that may help you in the assessment are:

  • Knowledge of DevOps technologies like Git, Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes
  • Usage of Cloud-native DevOps tools for reliable and predictable software
  • Ability to quickly assimilate, develop and deploy solutions
  • Possession of multi-dimensional capabilities
  • Flexibility with maintenance and support services

The deployment of the DevOps framework may vary from industry and business, but the aim is to bring process efficiencies by cutting through redundancies. The adoption of DevOps brings a complete change in organizational culture, as has been seen in many instances. Hence, if you are ready to get on the DevOps bandwagon, be prepared to usher in organization-wide cultural changes. Access to the pool of qualified DevOps talent is expensive, so hiring a DevOps consultant can be a good option.

The specialists and certified DevOps professionals also bring years of experience, which can be a good asset if you are at the starting point. Experience in deploying and testing codes, knowledge of software build cycles and architecture, programming know-how for cloud, and database management are a few skills that these specialists have. Hiring can also hold merit if your team has proficiency in DevOps and you are looking to augment capabilities.

Last Thoughts

DevOps is the future, and the ability to respond to market changes quickly and continuously will determine the productivity and profitability of an enterprise.

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