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Developing an Effective Personal Finance App

Taking care of your personal finances has always been a complex, but necessary task. However, modern technological advancements allow making this process quicker and more accessible. Special programs developed for keeping track of personal finances are not all that new, but there is greater demand for specialized mobile applications. Mobile traffic continues to increase rapidly, constituting more than 54% of worldwide Internet traffic in 2021. This calls for developing comprehensive personal finance mobile apps, which you can learn more about at the link:

Finance Applications and their Functions

These specialized applications are designed to facilitate controlling your budget and spending. While in the previous years you would need an accountant to do all the job, now you can simply download an application and use it on the go. The main objective of a finance app is to provide convenient solutions for tracking your income and expenses. A high-quality finance application would also help with planning your budget for various needs. A modern app should also allow paying for various services from one place without actually going to different websites and apps. A good finance app should also help its users with making money. Not in the literal sense of earning cash, but by teaching how to distribute your resources and saving up properly.

Developing a Finance App

A convenient and efficient finance app should have a number of specific features nowadays. Here are some features that you should pay attention to:

  • An opportunity to create your personal profile and authorize;
  • A user account with the personal data about the owner;
  • The ability to attach credit cards to this account and possibly link other accounts from different apps by the same developer;
  • A convenient transaction history, which allows tracking all expenses and income;
  • Various settings that allow choosing a specific budget for a day, week, month, etc.;
  • Detailed financial reports that will allow examining all expenses and sorting them by stores or other connected users;
  • The ability to create separate categories for your expenses, such as food, entertainment, sports, health, clothes, travel, etc.;
  • Notifications for regular payments, such as streaming services, Internet, taxes, etc.;
  • A template feature for customizing your payments;
  • Convenient calendar for payment tracking, etc.

The list can go on, as there is always room for improvement. Here are the development stages involved in creating a modern finance app:

  • Research stage – analyzing the market and competition to present the most efficient and demanded functions of the future app;
  • App development – building a functional and powerful application to cover all the requirements of a modern user;
  • UI/UX design – it is crucial for a finance app to be convenient and approachable. User interface plays a huge role in usability, which is why it requires precise attention;
  • App testing and release – before releasing a new product on the market it is necessary to test its performance and ensure that everything works smoothly;
  • Maintenance – even after launch it is important to continue improving the experience for all users to deliver better solutions each time.

By developing a cross-platform application, you should be able to cover all mobile users and deliver tailored solutions for everyone.


As you can see, there are finance applications on the market already. However, it is always possible to create an improved version of a product. A more convenient, user-friendly, nice looking, etc. In order to be able to deliver the best solutions for your clients, it is crucial to work with a strong developing team. Agilie is a developing company with more than 10 years of experience and over 200 successfully executed projects. By providing your clients with top-quality solutions that help with solving specific issues, you can continue to expand your business infinitely.

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